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If you're new to the idea of #otherkin, or feel unsure of what it's about, I've made some friendly resources. Here's a short intro to us:

Then have fun reading this comic about otherkin and therianthropes:

When you already know the basics about them, browse through this library of books I've written that cover nearly every imaginable topic about them: their history, jargon, and links to writings about otherkin and therians by over 500 other authors than myself:

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One more thing: if you yourself identify as #otherkin, #alterhuman, #fictionkin, #therianthrope, or #nonhuman, then you can take Emmet's survey about how that identity interacts with your gender, whether you're trans or not. The survey's open til July 1, 2019:

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survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 

@frameacloud nevermind! I started reading one of the articles you linked and it looks like it will answer my questions. ❤

survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 

@frameacloud I do wish the source didn't consistently refer to otherkin and therianthropes by he/him pronouns, but it was generally really enlightening. Thank you. ❤

survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 


Yeah, I never liked "neutral he" pronouns, either. That was one linguistic concession I made just because the purpose of that article was to be super accessible for ESL folks and anyone relying on machine translation. I'm obsessed with neutral pronouns-- once, I wrote an exhaustive article listing every neutral pronoun and what literature and persons have used them, which survives in part as plus some more obscure ones on its talk page at -- but I found that machine translation consistently fails when encountering even conventional solutions like "he or she" or "they."


survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 

@frameacloud it's just a little stressful reading because it feels like it's misgendering my otherkin friends a lot. @.@

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