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EvoPsych is a lie. None of the field's claims are verifiable and it's extremely often just used to justify bigotry and essentialist, binary views on gender. It's the phrenology of the modern era.

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This opinion is surprisingly popular considering I studied Psychology and my professors sure seemed to think the field was viable. o:

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@slightlyflightyone My largest critique of the field of Psychology after leaving it is that there's a lot of unearned confidence about many of the claims they/we made.

It gets criticized for being a soft science for a reason. They tend to lean heavy on general conclusions made from a handful of studies, but there's not a lot of drive to reexamine studies or assumptions as a matter of discipline.


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@sandrockcstm You were a psychologist?

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@slightlyflightyone I was a licensed professional counselor.

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@sandrockcstm Interesting. o.o

That’s what I was going for before I shifted directions. Briefly to LCSW, and now Peer Wellness Specialist.

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