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Stole this from twitter then forgot the acct I stole it from. Anyways here's a useful stolen graphic if you're looking for Adobe alternatives👇🏽


@denikombucha I have always really liked GIMP, but I know a lot of critters who hate it and suggest it isn’t as good as Adobe’s PhotoShop. I might have agreed 10 years ago, but I really don’t anymore.

Do you feel this is the case these days?


Folks who shit on alt software are ridiculous tbh. It all depends on what you need it for. If GIMP meets your artistic needs, then yea that ish isn't the case anymore. I use Clip Studio atm the moment and I know amazing artists like Peter Polach who flow between PSP, Krita, and GIMP just fine. youtube.com/channel/UChd8_Jf1Z

@slightlyflightyone @denikombucha wow, i haven't heard of anyone using it in a long time. i first used it back when it was mostly just a collection of image filters in Win 3.11 :P

@lyliawisteria @denikombucha Yeah. PaintShop Pro is totally still a thing. They’re selling 2019 now

@slightlyflightyone @lyliawisteria
Paint studio? I dunno 🤷🏽‍♀️, I’m sure they’ve got some niche brand loyal fans out there

@slightlyflightyone @denikombucha it is. i forgot, Corel bought it so now costs like $300. it was my staple graphics program until the Unfortunately Named GNU Program was catching up to being a more finished-looking, usable thing.

i always got it "free", of course. :blob_anar_raccoon:

@lyliawisteria @denikombucha That was what I recalled too. I actually always preferred PSP to PS as well.

GIMP is really good now. I recommend GIMP. 🙂

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