@slightlyflightyone stream-of-consciousness, just post every single thought that comes into your head

@vantablack So... just use Mastodon as a platform to share my well-planned angry statements about my life and the state of politics at wide?

@slightlyflightyone as long as you cw stuff properly, I can't imagine who you'd offend (except for shitty people who it's okay to offend, like nazis maybe?)

@vantablack What if I say someone is pretty and they don’t like it!? D:

@slightlyflightyone @vantablack that's the kinda thing you're supposed to stop worrying about when you drink and worry about tomorrow (or the day after, depending on hangover intensity and how hard it is to look at a screen :p)
@slightlyflightyone @vantablack last time I got drunk I just babbled luna's name on the fediverse for several hours tbh it was good times
@slightlyflightyone @vantablack but I also logged out of my main account when I was still sober enough to decide to (already very, very wasted)

@pea @vantablack I can never figure out which of your accounts is your main and which is your alt tbh

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