I made a PDF of the greatest RPGs of all time by platform and year for a friend who wanted to get into the genre if anybody wants it.

I legit have no idea what to do with it now otherwise.

@slightlyflightyone @zac @kimdanes @DJWalnut @barrow I respect the harshness of this list a lot, but I’d add a bunch to this list.

@slightlyflightyone @zac @kimdanes @DJWalnut @barrow I mean... *gestures vaguely at my RPG collection* like I’d add Etrian Odyssey 1-3, and Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 1, Fallout 1 & 2 to DOS... 3DS has SMT IV and a bunch of fantastic remakes like SMT Strange Journey and Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold...

@slightlyflightyone fair but all of those games I mentioned aren’t on your list in any platform.

@tisiphone @slightlyflightyone I think I saw both on there, and those are PC only from what I remember. they are also some of my favorite games. Hbomberguy got me into them with his video "Fallout 3 is garbage, and here's why"

@tisiphone @slightlyflightyone @zac @kimdanes @barrow from what I knoe of RPGs that's a good list. you have good taste. goon on you for including pokémon and fallout

@slightlyflightyone @tisiphone @zac @kimdanes @barrow yes. although I'm ashamed to say I've only played one game of both to completion (pearl and Fallout 1)

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