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Gender stuffs; e-begging 

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By viewing my profile, you agree that all my tweets are officially reflective of your opinion, your employer's opinion, and the opinion of any businesses you own wholly or in part.

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kink; lewd; results from 

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This toot is going to be super relevant in 2019.

Pinned post; request to add me 

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best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

cryptocurrency-alike in P2P 

Disordered eating; vent or something idk 

You can tell I am suffering from insomnia when I post anything at all ever.

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we combined data from &

the result is a #green #instances list for the #fediverse with a daily update! the list shows: hostname/instance, location/country, hosting-provider/company and the greencheck by the green web foundation (green or grey)

the list:

ideas and participation welcome!
the script can be found here:

#greenfediverse #sustainability #renewableenergy #greenhosting

Extremely lewd; not safe for life prolly 

Political messaging; furry art 

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Jamie J awooed

housing and patreon update, request for income help 

Creeper behavior 

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The white co-opting of intersectionality 

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The weaponization of social justice against Black people 

Food; disordered eating 

Call me in, call me out, call me late to dinner, just don't call me cishet.

21st Century Digital Blessing 

Star Wor 

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