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Gender stuffs; e-begging 

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By viewing my profile, you agree that all my tweets are officially reflective of your opinion, your employer's opinion, and the opinion of any businesses you own wholly or in part.

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kink; lewd; results from 

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This toot is going to be super relevant in 2019.

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Attract and Love Ball should only work when your Pokémon is the same gender if the target is a shiny

My first ever unpopular opinion:

I unironically like sparkledog designs. They are bright colored and rainbowy and make me happy. c:

Money; donation link for a friend 

Members of oppressed groups don’t need to know where the universal standard is of what is or isn’t okay. People with privilege need to respect individual boundaries on those issues.

General guidelines can only take you so far.

pol; Bolivia 

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re: techposting; future of Linux commercialization 

techposting; future of Linux commercialization 

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GTK4 is **not** dumping accessibility features. GTK4 is still heavily under development, and as systems move around, many components will break. The intent is to fix these issues before release.
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techposting; FLOSS daily; pol 

Remember when Firefox was vaguely optimized for resource usage? And when it respected your privacy? And when development was primarily focused on features and security over profitability?

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fundraising for self 

Politics; tankie take I hate 

The etymology of Stirner’s pen name; phrenology; re: Warning: I don’t like egoism/individualists 

Warning: I don’t like egoism/individualists 

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capitalism, and i cannot re-iterate this enough, is really bad

Furry fandom; predatory behavior 

I kinda want help figuring out how to talk about this:

  • How do you define "lunarpunk"?
  • What are some works of media you would consider lunarpunk?
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