It's my birthday! Unironically! Like, it's legitimately my birthday!

Boosts please.

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Sexy vegetarian takoyaki
your halloween costume is "sexy" + the last thing you google searched

this year i'll be going as "sexy bus schedule"

@Sir_Boops Your hard drive must look like this right now xD

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boost this and i'll guess your starsign
not based off posts or any knowledge of astrology, just at random. i've got a 1 in 13 chance right

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I always find myself super surprised when someone remembers who I am if it鈥檚 been more than, like, a couple weeks since they saw me last or when they remember things I told them about myself or my life.

Is this a self-esteem thing?


the vore off commences. there's a lot of screaming. it takes place in hell.

Apple鈥檚 current 15-inch MacBook Pro offering can be configured with Intel鈥檚 Core i9-8950HK. Too bad you have to completely disassemble it, remove the cooler, clean off the garbage thermal paste they put on and throw some Conductonaut on the dies to get it to actually benefit from the 6 cores and 4.80 GHz max turbo.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator CS6 work amazingly well in Linux. I have noticed no problems at all running under Wine 3.4.

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