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Lol. Straight people think they deserve the right to get married? Who do they think they're kidding?

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I didn鈥檛 mention the trans boys I have dated because it doesn鈥檛 fit my lesbian-bait narrative, but they鈥檙e good and valid bisexual boys too.

Every girl I have ever dated has come out as a lesbian-leaning bisexual and every 鈥渂oy鈥 I have dated has either come out as a girl or implied repeatedly that they think they're trans.

What could this possibly mean? 馃

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Hi I guess I can open for a slot for anything up to shaded characters like in the examples. starting at 50 USD

Please read my terms for details on comms

i commed technojara to do an outfit design for secta and its so good im going to physically perish

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Remember: Y'all are great. Keep fighting on. Keep loving yourselves and each other. We all deserve it.

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Honestly, I am more excited at the prospect of going back to play DS, PSP, Wii, Flash, and Mobile games from the seventh generation than I am the more 鈥渉ardcore鈥 consoles.

reasons to not implement google recaptcha in your webservice:
- youre giving more data to google
- the research on ml will be closed to google
- i'm a robot gdi,
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