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This one was voted up on my patreon from a sketch-dump vote

It's an alien, or as I've been calling it the aliem cause I misspelled the name on the file XD

#monster #alien #creaturedesign #creativetoots #mastoart #art

There鈥檚 no real 鈥榮upply & demand鈥 just warring fiefdoms if we鈥檙e being honest here.

Remember when we were told only 1% of people were LGBT

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It will never not amuse me when I hang out with someone irl for 6 hours and then I leave and they send me an IM to tell me they think I鈥檓 pretty.

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its nearing christmas and guess what, my girlfriend @earflicks is gonna be leading the sleigh!! this art was a lot of experimenting but I love how it turned out

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-LGBT+ rights

-Old White Men

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