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changed the wording of the notif on top of my bio a bit. i know there are instances that only accept 18+ members so if you don't explicitly have an age indicator on your profile but you otherwise are part of an instance which only allows 18+ members i can safely let you send me a follow request. wanted to make that a little clearer

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mlp , ponysona 

my ponysona is finished!! i am 100% confident in his design now. c:

wings are interchangeable and can be drawn with or without them, whichever pair you choose to draw them with.

i drew a little from kirin as well because i like them a lot but i didnt want to make my ponysona a kirin so the forehead stripe, their horn, and their speckles are a light homage to kirin instead!

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intro thread 

because i don't seem to have a pinned intro already... i'll make a huge thread with this pinned at the top

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i swear this is the final rendition of my fursona - this is onyx! theyre originally my jojosona, but i repurposed them into a glittery goth nightmare.

Btw they can have any hues, even be multicolored / rainbow. They are an aurora dragon after all (which is just sth random I came up with lol, not an original concept I'm sure) and frequently dresses in various goth and punk clothes.

Plurality, dreams, trauma 

This "he" and "him" is a fictional introject of Osiris from the Destiny universe.

what I find odd is this trauma he's been trying to protect me from remembering happened before Destiny was even a thing.

And well, since about a year now I've known about what happened to me when I was 8.

He saved me from having to endure any more nightmares almost a month ago though...

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Plurality, dreams 

So... Idk how to bring this up but I'll lay it flat.

Ever feel like you got another person in your head?

I can only talk to him in my dreams, but he's been protecting me since I was 8 apparently. And since I'm almost 20, that means 12 years now of memory gaps and I can hardly remember the last 4.

Is this body an 'i' or is this body a 'we'? If I can only communicate with the other person in my body in my dreams, does that still account for plurality of some kind...?

Creepypasta / Spooky Noodles 

... Nobody told me they made a horror movie about The Rake.

First 2 documentaries about Slenderman, now this?

... And isn't there a planned movie for Jeff the Killer?

Hellboy time, or as I like to call it,

Comfort time.

The question is, bc I'm nonbinary and a trans man, would I be a drag king or drag queen??

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If anything this movie makes me desire to do drag and join the scene. I think it would be a lot of fun.

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