i lowkey wonder if i should make an art discord or sth. for people who are tired of all the indecency and rudeness on places like deviantart

hmmm I should work on updating my fursona but idk if i wanna draw rn

mm I feel a bit better now, I kinda might sorta wanna draw or write some comforting selfship stuff maybe.

Also, I'm so close to making all 3 of my accounts have an icon of my ponysona. 'cuz horses.

I've been thinking about posting my art here bc dA and fA are both cesspools, and birdsite has a lot of awful people on it that I would rather not deal with...

sorry for not being super active, I've been preoccupied with playing Pokemon Shield ^^

Though with Warmind, its all very chilling too. I especially love how haunting Rasputin is when you're doing Escalation Protocol; especially at the final level.

If I can be honest, Curse of Osiris' soundtrack slaps. Its so ominous and is honestly SO perfect.

also tryin to art when you have no brain function at the moment is really difficult, like i wanna draw my ponysona but i just have no ideas >.>

i just discovered the lion sleeps tonight but vocoded in minor key and its like. my brain does not like this

Ramblin's, nudity mentions, binarism , idk what else to tag this as 

Ramblin's, nudity mentions, binarism , idk what else to tag this as 

Ramblin's, nudity mentions, binarism , idk what else to tag this as 

Plus with Gen 4 's end and my reluctance to stay quiet about being a brony, I figure it'd be better late than never to find some more friends!

I lowkey wonder if I should go on that pony instance and make an account there.. Y'know, so I can post pony stuff.
I like to keep all my stuff separate, so currently I have an RT / bot interactor only account ( Where I mainly only RT stuff and interact with bots so I can compile bot data... I like charts), and this one which is my main. A few NSFW instances got back to my initial registration and accepted me way later than I expected so I don't know if I'll keep my accounts on those. ES looks promising for pony interaction though :blobcat3c:

Next month I'm going to see Lindsey Stirling since she's doing her Warmer in the Winter tour and I need me some Hollydays R & R.

I like a lot of different kinds of music. I think Lindsey's music really captures the feeling of the holidays and it'll be a perfect early holiday present.

Military things, PTSD mention 

Also I didnt get to go to the pit but everyone looked like they were having fun and I'm really glad!! I don't think I could handle all that pushing around and moshing but it is mighty difficult dancing in a tiny aisle.

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