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intro thread 

because i don't seem to have a pinned intro already... i'll make a huge thread with this pinned at the top

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Nintendo Switch FC πŸ“Œ 


If anyone wants to add me on the Switch, you're more than welcome to, you don't need to ask! I always welcome requests to battle, potentially trade, visit Camps, and join raids in SWSH!

I also have Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well if you'd like to come and visit my island on days like when I have good Turnip sell prices or when Leif is visiting! (My island is still very much a WIP as I am working towards paying off my final debt and getting 5 stars.)

I only ask that you notify me if you've sent me a friend request, otherwise I'm not likely to see it.

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i swear this is the final rendition of my fursona - this is onyx! theyre originally my jojosona, but i repurposed them into a glittery goth nightmare.

Btw they can have any hues, even be multicolored / rainbow. They are an aurora dragon after all (which is just sth random I came up with lol, not an original concept I'm sure) and frequently dresses in various goth and punk clothes.

Also before the day closes out:

Happy howly Wolfenoot everyone!

🌱🌱🌻 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌷

gen things 

Being essentially a gen z adult feels weird because people are quick to infantilize us due to growing up in the gen with a huge focus centered around electronic communication and advertising. It's true that a good chunk of us are still minors (2002 and above) but it just feels... really weird to me.

Not our fault we grew up in a generation heralded by insidious greedy corporations heeling us at every go.

intro thread (3) 

:sparkles_trans: music interests! :sparkles_genderqueer:

🌺 the correspondents
🌷lemon demon / neil cicierega
🌺 linkin park
🌷 lindsey stirling
🌺 breaking benjamin
🌷 the wasteland wailers
🌷 five finger death punch
🌺 shinedown
🌷 blank banshee
🌺 emma essex / halley labs
🌷 three days grace
🌺 twenty øne piløts
🌷 the birthday massacre
🌺 vylet pony
🌷 cosmo sheldrake
🌺 MiracleOfSound
🌷 i have a lot of interests, more than i can probably list here actually! but if its alternative rock, metal, indie, punk, or electro swing, and especially witch house, vaporwave, synthwave, darkwave, or breakcore i 100% will listen to it given its not made by someone who's done bad stuff and hasn't atoned for it.

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