warmup sketch that turned into a gift for someone i follow on twitter

nsfw cuz there's boobs in my comm examples 

been neglecting my mastodon
how are yall?

nsfw ink comms announcement 

time for some more. gotta turn my phone service back on

thigh-up character pieces, no bg, but a prop is allowed

gonna do them one day this next week

got some copic markers, so if you'd like some work done with those, it'll cost a lil more, but the effect is super cool and they add a wider range of tones i can achieve

dm me, and have a great day and a better tomorrow

yiff that isnt thicc for once 

VERY thicc yiff 

kansyr awooed

I wanted to see my character in another artists style. So I turned to the #furry #art community here on mastodon. @silverswoop / Kansyr Did an awesome job on my character. Thank you so much!

bouncy yiff 

VERY thicc yiff 

Got shown a lot of love these past few days, thanks for the folks that came thru and got them some inks!

My replacement has been paid for and I'll be back to digital work once again later this week (fingers crossed)

Again, I appreciate yall!

welp. my tablet died today. took 5 years to do so, but inevitably, it has. being a digital artist, this sucks because to keep my business going, i need one to continue doing the kind of work y'all want

for the limited time that i have to make up, i'm gonna offer traditional sketches, $5 a pop per character with pencil, $10 per with ink

i've included an ink example

dm me here or contact me on discord via Kansyr#7804

thanks so much for helping if you can!

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