ah, he finally got banned from twitter. permanently.

i refuse to take this as a victory. twitter is four years too little, too late. the harm has been done. keep using your voices to drive even more of his supporters off every single platform.

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i don't talk about this stuff a lot, but i do talk when my country's government was almost overthrown in the most pathetic coup, with cops helping them.

fuck these nazis. fuck anyone who supports these trumper assholes.

i am absolutely terrified for my future and for my friends, many of who are marginalized like i am.

we CANNOT let this pass us by. it showed everybody, so clearly, that the police and military was not, and never was, on our side.

it took congress being threatened with their LIVES for them to consider actually impeaching him, two weeks before he's supposed to leave office. they're four years too goddamn fucking late.

do not stay quiet about this. if you have a platform, a voice, use it. keep yelling about this. yell at our government for doing such a trash job of protecting their own people. yell at the neo-nazis who think they can get away with this. scream about how much you've been hurt by their disregard for other human lives.

the characters are, in order: Lola, an unnamed salmon, and Sugar from the webcomic Drop Out! (i am compelled to say it is an awesome webcomic, but that it is 18+ and contains heavy themes)

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the finished artworks of a collab between me, @silvercruiser, and @trueouchys!!!! it was so fun working on these!

sometimes I write down dream logs, and share them. they are too long for twitter mastodon, but may be read via pillowfort

here's dream log 111! (CW for blood and death) pillowfort.social/posts/170738

i've moved mastodon instances from drake.network to vulpine.club! now @scoliwings here, hopefully i'll get back to posting art and taking commissions soon

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