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Physical and mental health, (-), COVID 

Oh, so it turns out those are early signs of covid.

Leaving work, going to get tested.

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Physical and mental health, (-) 

I also can't taste or smell. :( Everything is just gray and bland.

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Physical and mental health, (-) 

You know that feeling when you're 27 km into a 30-km hike and feel like you might just collapse at any time?

That's how my soul feels right now x-x

*Flops on the TL* Lots of flapflaps today. Might be more tomorrow, but then weather gets bad again.

Covid, work stuff (-) 

Two things I heard today from a high-up at my company, immediately one after the other:

"They're talking about so many COVID patients, but the number's too high. It's impossible to be real."

"Wow, that's like the 6th person I know that's died this month."

I .... can't even x-x

Y'all're good. I hope you all have lovely nights, days, weeks, etc. <3

Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed

Covid, work stuff, AK pol, (-) 

Back at office work after contracting a cold from office work, 2 days after the Alaska governor made an emergency broadcast about how Covid is spiking and we need to start taking precautions.

Still nobody is wearing a mask or taking precautions.

US Pol take 

"If we abolished the Electoral College, then the minority of Americans that live in L.A. would decide how the country is run! That's why I support the current system where the minority of people who live in a single district in Philadelphia get to decide how the country is run!"

I suspect these people'd support the whole estate representation thing that existed in France pre-revolution. "What, everyone's voice matters, everyone gets a say! The nobles get a vote, the clergy get a vote, everyone else gets a vote! We can't impose the tyranny of the majority on the lifestyles of the nobles and clergy!"

Physical health 

I have reached the stage of "Am I hungry, or do I want to throw up?"

Physical health, cold (as in the virus) 

Am parched, with a hell of a headache, but water tastes like gravel. Every nerve is ultra sensative, and my body is revolting at the idea of temperature.

Physical health 

Im sick. Not feverish, but lots of thermal sensativity. I think its a cold. Had medicine, will sleep now. Nini

Future history trashpost 

Around the late 2010s and into the 2020s, internet culture became aware of and infatuated with the cuteness of red pandas, often referred to as "wah" based on various south-east Asian names for the mammal.

This is the origin of saying "mwah", which is a shortening of "my wah" (or "m'wah"), a term of endearment and affection between friends.

Job stuff, LinkedIn 

Me: I'm a commercial pilot living in Anchorage with a distant background as a computer programmer.
LinkedIn: Okay! So do you agree these are all good keywords for you? [Pilot, aircraft, bush pilot, airplane pilot]?
Me: Yes
LinkedIn: Hey, I have these job recommendations for you?
Me: Oh? Lemme see!
LinkedIn: Do you want to be a grocer in Texas? How about a cook in Texas? Senior Manager for a Divisional Automobile Manufactury in central Texas? A babysitter in Texas? A car mechanic in Texas?

Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed

Work stuff (~) 

I have likely earned more in the past 2 days working the office than I did all of last month as a pilot.

[Singing] Crosswinds to the left of me
Headwinds to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle with you.

Looked it up. A 5.1 about 30 km nne of my house.

Ita kinda fun, cuz I've heard about the different waves traveling different speeds, and now living here I can usually feel this lighter little warning tremor, like, 10 seconds before the main shake.

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