Aviation, fuel 

@chris Nah, not yet at least. I do remember bringing about 800 pounds of freshly-killed moose that was in about 3 and a half garbage bags. Dead summer heat, in direct sunlight most of the flight. It did not smell good.

Aviation, fuel 

I have a very special copilot today. A 15 gallon drum of 100LL avgas. :D Alaska is fun

Climate change observations 

"Think of this as not one of the hottest years of the past century, but as one of the coolest of the next." is a quote I keep thinking about.

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Climate change observations 

Its been raining off and on here in Anchorage, and the bristol bay area is so warm everything is already mushy.

Its Jan 21.

This could be just a freakishly hot week, but that'd be one heck of a heat wave to raise the temp 15-25 C above usual.

news dump: US military vs commercial aviation 

@rey not to mention fiddling with VOR knobs gives me something to do to stave off boredom when flying straight lines.

news dump: US military vs commercial aviation 

@rey this is partly why I highly encourage my students to use VOR etc. as a backup and to help maintain situational awareness. Have backup approach options in mind, too, since GPS can fail at any time for almost any reason.

My proof by induction that a box that can hold one piece of paper can hold an infinate amount of paper.

1. You have a box that is full of paper
2. You really can't fit /one/ more piece of paper in that box? Really?!
3. Repeat


re: Physical and mental health, aviation, lead (Pb) 

@rey not that I know of. It might be an engine performance thing that isn't so easy to work around, like it was for cars. The amount of lead is less, at least (it's called "100 Low Lead"), but by how much to how much I don't know off-hand

Physical and mental health, aviation, lead (Pb) 

Thinking about how avgas still has lead in it, and I'm probably slowly being poisoned by neurotoxins.

Thanks to the rain we got yesterday, today the part of Parking Lot will be played be Ice Rink

re: Work, ugh 

Well, I survived the first 10 hours. And I was only tired enough to forget: My stuff at work, requiring me to drive all the way back from my house, and: My mask in my car upon leaving.


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I know it's "otter point", but in my head it's "otter pit" which sounds way more fun and magical.

Work, ugh 

*flops on the TL*

Why did I think I could do 6 10-hour days?

I'm 8.5 hours into this 60 hour week and am already dead.

Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed
Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed

Navigating a touchscreen with a stylus brings new life to technology that has become banal through overuse.

Send toot.

COVID-19, ugh 

Heard at 3am: Someone coughing as though their lungs are actively turning into jello

Also heard at 3am: people having a very loud and drunk party, with at least 4 people.


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