NFT, blockchain thoughts 

"We have a problem."
"What's that?"
"Digital things are functionally infinite and there's no scarcity to be found."
"How is that a problem?"
"We need to restrict it."
"Oooookay....? Still not sure how lack of scarcity is a pr—"
"I've invented a number that says I alone own this digital thing."
"What? By what authority?"
"Because I wasted a crapton of energy to make this number."
"I'm a genius"
".... So you're wasting resources to invent a number for the sole purpose of restricting access to otherwise-functionally-unlimited things?"
"It's the future."

NFT, blockchain thoughts 


Capitalism requires scarcity & inequality in order to function. Where there is none, it will create them.

NFT, blockchain thoughts 

@publius @sashahamilton communism interprets scarcity as damage and routes around it

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