Covid parable, minific, late night phone tooting 

"The boat is starting to take on water. We could nip this in the bud by plugging holes, bailing water, and discouraging people from drilling holes in the hull. We could get this fixed in an hour if we all work together."
"Oh, okay. Says you."
[4 hours later]
"Why should we listen to you? You said this was gonna be fixed 3 hours ago! There's more water now than ever!"
"I said it /could/ be fixed 3 hours ago if we all worked together and did those 3 things. Instead y'all've whined about your freedom to drill wherever you want and that plugging holes and bailing water is boring."
"You just wanna control how we live our life."
"No, I just dont want the entire boat that we are all on to sink."
"The water's fake."
"What? You were complaining about the amount of water a minute ag--"
"Nobody has ever drowned; most people ate dying of asphyxiation or hypoxia."
"Those ... are both caused by drow--"

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