The Purge, but instead of no laws, for 24 hours customer service workers are allowed to say whatever they want to customers without repercussions.

@sashahamilton Except Voodoo Donut. For that same 24 hours, they have to give a shit.

@sashahamilton I don't give two thirds of a shit that your four-year-old is "very advanced", the text on the box still days thirteen and up. Either give me money for it and get out or skip the money and just get out, don't try to make me agree with you that she can probably do it.

@sashahamilton ma'am your child has pissed on the floor now either grab the bleach and get cleaning or hold still while I break both your arms


"cries of "Get off the line, asshole! I don't care what number you want, what extension you're calling from. Go and stick a firework up your bottom! Yeeehaah! Hoo Hoo Hoo! Velooooom! Squawk!" and a variety of other animal noises that they didn't get a chance to practise in the normal line of their work."

- Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy

Work chat support for AT&T for awhile. My own little continuing injoke was to always say "would you kindly" (also Bioshock) to the people who chatted in. Really helped in dealing with the jerks.

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