Stages of me being drunk:

Stage 1: Drinking, this gonn' be good
Stage 2: Buzzed, fun and fuzzy
Stage 3: Wheeeee!
Stage 4: So, like, you're great
Stage 4.2: Like, OMG how are all the people I know so awesome? u.u
Stage 5: Gosh I hope they know they're awesome. I should tell them. Am I being sappy? SAP IS HOW MAPLE SYRUP IS MADE THEY NEED TO KNOW

re: Alcohol 

I am very much in Stage 5 right now

Which is, admittedly, about .3 stages before "vomit into the nearest receptacle" BYT THAT DOESNT MAKE IT LESS TRUE

re: Alcohol, expatriation ref 

@NinTheFolf >.> I'm not about to douse myself in maple syrup. (Though if/when I become a Canadian citizen, that might change)

re: Alcohol, expatriation ref 

@sashahamilton @NinTheFolf I would hapilly provide the maple syrup.

re: Alcohol, expatriation ref 

@Archaeomancer @NinTheFolf H-hey! I ... that's unfair and mean and huff @ you both!

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