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If it helps you spell, remember there is one 'g' in 'single', two 'b's in 'doubble', and three 'p's in 'trippple'. Unfortunately 'quadrrrrrouple' breaks that trend, though if you can remember that it and 'penttttouple' are switched that can help, too.

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This is an important announcement. Enbys are cute, thank you.

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...and we watched the skies darken.

Ultimately, it was the most intense dust storm in recorded Martian history that brought this epic mission to a close.



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Rabbit fur: "I tried cooking with sesame seeds and accidentally spilled some all over me... I've been picking those damn things out of my fur all day"

Me: "I guess you can say you're a.."

Rabbit fur: "NO. STOP. DON'T."

Me: "...sesame seed bun"



Anyone figure out what the other setting on the stapler is for?

Trying to find a decent music player on Linux like:

Program 1: Oooh, you wanted to show /all/ of your music? I just kinda fetched random files.
Program 2: What is alphabetical order?
Program 3: 'Metal' is an album, right? I'm gonna put this with your albums. It's right here next to 'Sabaton', which is also an album. What, you say that's an artist? Noooo, '2009' looks like an artist name to me.
Program 4: Here's all your music in an easily-searchable system. ^w^ .... What's a playlist?
Program 4 (again): Here's all your music that has the word "Beethoven" in it. Oh, you want in order by track number; I can do that! Oh, now you want in order by album name; I can do that! ... What do you mean you want first one then the other?
Program 5: What's music?

Good morning, Masto!

Got a job offer letter and approved for a studio apartment in Alaska. Next month I'll have a new life, and I'm only a small bit very nervous.

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