It always bothers me in movies when some is given a wish or something and they get something stupid like a million dollars. First off, if going for money, go bigger than a mere million. Second, and more importantly, *nobody ever picks shapeshifting!* Spend the weekend as a bird, or snuggling on a friends lap as a fox. C'mon, people! Shapeshifting would literally be the best!

Surprise party at my house tonight. Which means I had to retreat to my room with pajamas and Dvorak's 9th to keep me from turning into a nervous, frustrated, bitter mess. Friends've helped, too. Also, finally wrote a cover-letter for a job application! :D

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This fox need captions. Maybe a full-on memeification.

Me: I might have to move to Alaska in order to not be stuck being paid pennies to not get flight time
Them: You dont want to live in AK.
Me: Why? Its pretty, and not hot, and hires at less than 500 hours.
Them: There arent that many girls, and the ones that are there are ugly.
Me (internally): Haha, joke's on them. :asexual_flag: :marble_asexual: :heart_ace:

Today I learned there's a pretty decent anthem for Cascadia called, appropriately enough "O' Cascadia". Maybe one day it'll actually happen.

Goodnight to all you cuties. And to everyone else, you're super-cute. :3

Decided to take the 0.25 mm out for a spin today. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a delight to use.

Below that is my 0.5 mm note-planning pen. And beneath that a 1.0 mm monstrosity that feels like a marker.

The Keurig machine always looks disappointed in the coffee it brews.

So, as a flight instructor, we have to write in these reeeeally tiny boxes. As such, I've become infatuated with ultra-fine-tip pens. The Pilot G2-038 was king in this race. That is, until a fellow instructor found 0.3 and even 0.25 mm pens, and shared them.

Here's a comparison of the pens I use regularly, with a normal blue ballpoint pen for reference.

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How many world-changing ideas and inventions aren't a thing because their inventor is too tired after coming home from her third job to work on them?

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Urilis awooed

Waiting for weather to clear. *Looks outside.* Nevermind, it wont clear. Guess I'm waiting for my soul to whither. Looking forward to tonight. Weekend. Yay!

I shoild probably at least teach some grounds before I go, yes.

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