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Self-promotion, link to writing

Where I'm gonna put up PDFs and ODTs of short stories, probably all set in the Colonized Earth universe. Maybe more organization will come later, IDK.

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Stages of me being drunk:

Stage 1: Drinking, this gonn' be good
Stage 2: Buzzed, fun and fuzzy
Stage 3: Wheeeee!
Stage 4: So, like, you're great
Stage 4.2: Like, OMG how are all the people I know so awesome? u.u
Stage 5: Gosh I hope they know they're awesome. I should tell them. Am I being sappy? SAP IS HOW MAPLE SYRUP IS MADE THEY NEED TO KNOW

Thinking about how nice y'all are. This is a nice place. Thanks <3

Im alive, been relaxing at my new temporary housing.

Motel recoomendation for central BC 

Honestly, the best experience I've ever had was yesterday at the Robbers Roost Motel in Hazelton (north of Smithers). The bed was ridiculously confortable, the check in was painless, the room was nice. It had like a full kitchen inside of it, too, stocked with dishware and pots and stuff.

It was cozy AF. 11/10 would definitely recommend

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Gripes about hotels, motels, service, idk just not a happy blob right now 

Like, seriously, every aspect of this experience has been so far below what Ive come to expect from budget motels it's almost comical. Or would be if I wasnt so goddamned tired

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Gripes about hotels, motels, service, idk just not a happy blob right now 

Though I would treat myself to a real hotel tonight in Abbotsford. All down Canada Ive been staying in cheap motels, which have been all around good experiences.

But oh boy this Best Western, twice the cost of any of the others, has made the worst first impression.

My room was told to me as being in "the big black building across the parking lot". So I drove around to pale cream building in an attempt to find this hig black building.

It doesnt exist.

I return, asked for clarification.

The big black building was actually the pale cream building.

No immediately obvious or well-signed elevator, so I took the stairs.

Hallway super narrow like the bottom deck of the Titanic.

The wifi password they gave me didnt work. The 24/7 technical support hotline introduced itself in english, asked if I wanted french, introduced itself again in English, then proceeded to call someone who never picked up.

The bathroom is the smallest bathroom Ive ever seen in a bulding; it belongs on a vehicle of some sort.

Selfie, eye contact and sunglasses 

Hello from Tok, Alaska. This is as far north as Ive ever personally driven. 63.34 N, 142.99 W

Im so tired Im shaking. My handwriting is atrocious.

Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed

vore, female pred 

Hey, look, I finally drew something! I've been practicing muzzles and trying to improve the shape of them. I still have a long way to go, but I think I'm figuring some things out, at least! Also I'm still trying to learn to shade!

So, due to various circumstances, I have actually started running a second vorish D&D game with a few other friends. This is a scene from that game!

Covid related 

Im sorry, Canada, I really really tried. There is no way Im gonna be able to have test results in hand when I show up at your border tomorrow. I hope to Kwekwaxa'we you'll be merciful and let me through.

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Covid related 

Trying to get a PCR test so I have all the docs Canada says they require so I can drive through and move to Oregon
Walgreens: Fill out the form online
Me: I cant find it
WG: Oh, its super easy, Ill show you on your phone. ..... Oh, huh, I cant find it either. Well, you wouldnt get your results in time anyway. The library has a PCR test
Library: Our testing site is open 8-4 Mon-Sat.
Me: where is it on this fine Tuesday 9:30 am morning?
Library: Its closed :)
Google Earth: Hey, your old clinic does OCR tests
Clinic: We do what? IDK what a PCR is. You also need to be exhibiting symptoms to take a test with us. Theres another clinic on the other side of town, though.
Other Clinic: Fill out this online form, and call us when you get here :)
Me: *calls*
OC: *never answers*
Me: ooookay, well I can fake a symptom...
The only road that goes to that first clinic: *Is now closed haha fuck you*
Me: What the absolute I was just here 40 minutes ago
Road: I open up again at 10 pm :)

Packing up my house. So tired. Aside from "sleeping" on two 3-hour plane rides, Ive been awake for about 22 hours, and I have a full day of errands ahead of me.

Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed

Maybe the best thing about Oklahoma is the state bird. The scissor tailed flycatcher. Look at this magnificent fuck. I love everything about him

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Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed

*designing a mecha setting* alright, so, the mechs are called *throws a dart* rigors and the pilots are called *picks a name out of a hat* chunks

I think I've Pavlov'd my body's response to caffeine.

"Oh, we're getting an influx of caffeine. This only happens when we're tired, so we must be tired. ENGAGE SLEEPY MODE!"

New phone, new phone number, gotta change ALL the things. Well, not gotta; I'll have old phone number for a few more months still.

By this time next week I'll probably be a few hundred miles into northern Canada @.@

Battrry start is a fun concept.

Im thinking of making a game about it.

After, like, 5 years, how am I still surprised at how competent the writers of MLP are?

Can I pls pet and give treats to the fox at the bottom of the Vulpine Club box thing?

They're a good fox

They deserve nice things

Thoughts on the MLP: A New Generation movie 

It's surprisingly well-built. Like, it seems almost specifically designed to be good and/or to irk alr-rightos.

Also, it's got about the best instance of "The Real X Was the Friend We Made Along the Way" trope.

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