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Self-promotion, link to writing

Where I'm gonna put up PDFs and ODTs of short stories, probably all set in the Colonized Earth universe. Maybe more organization will come later, IDK.

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Stages of me being drunk:

Stage 1: Drinking, this gonn' be good
Stage 2: Buzzed, fun and fuzzy
Stage 3: Wheeeee!
Stage 4: So, like, you're great
Stage 4.2: Like, OMG how are all the people I know so awesome? u.u
Stage 5: Gosh I hope they know they're awesome. I should tell them. Am I being sappy? SAP IS HOW MAPLE SYRUP IS MADE THEY NEED TO KNOW

Voreny thoughts 

Thinking about romantic gender-affirming vore things. Help give your friends body euphoria by becoming part of them.

Travel log 

Made it safely to my destination. Huzzah!

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Watching thousand-ton hunks of metal lift into the air by going fast is surreal. As a commercial pilot and certified fkight instructor I can say with confidence that:

Airplanes are ****ing magic

How is it the 2021 and still most seats at an airport dont have outlets?

Travel log 

Nothing healthier than macrodosing caffeine at 1am.

Made it to the gate. 3 hours till takeoff

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Travel log 

Made it to the airport, yay. Departure in 4 hours. Ish.

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Travel log 

Got on the bus. Busses are great. $2 to get to the airport. Don't gotta pay for parking, don't gotta worry about car stuff. Don't have to drive. Just ait back relax, watch the world through the window.

Food hot take 

Spaghetti and pizza are the same food.

USA Demonym thoughts 

"American": Confusing. Do you mean from the USA, or either (or both) of the continents?

"Yankee": Not confusing. Also high chance of irking people who wish the USA had lost their civil war.

Rain is wild. What's all that water doing in the sky anyway? Water belongs /under/ the air smh

Things my childhood education prepared me for:
- Encountering quicksand
- Being on fire
- Being offered to buy drugs randomly
- Doing math

Things I've had to deal with as an adult thus far
- Math
- Quicksand (once, on a hike in rural Alaska alone. It was more of a "huh, that's what that was" than the vital threat it had seemed to be as a kid)

A picture I apparently took two years ago today. Sunrise behind Mt. Tanalion on the shores of Lake Clark, Alaska.

NFT, blockchain thoughts 

"We have a problem."
"What's that?"
"Digital things are functionally infinite and there's no scarcity to be found."
"How is that a problem?"
"We need to restrict it."
"Oooookay....? Still not sure how lack of scarcity is a pr—"
"I've invented a number that says I alone own this digital thing."
"What? By what authority?"
"Because I wasted a crapton of energy to make this number."
"I'm a genius"
".... So you're wasting resources to invent a number for the sole purpose of restricting access to otherwise-functionally-unlimited things?"
"It's the future."

Gripe about webpages 

I love when trying to visit a webpage thats like 17 gb of javascript, fade-in pictures, and floating panels and it takes about a year to load because the people who coded it ain't never heard of a slow internet connection in their lives.

Aviation, private checkrides and tests 

Private pilots have it a bit easier. They need a flight review every 24 months, and a medical exam every 36. There are some asterisks and edge cases in those.

Private pilots who fly under instrument flight rules still need to ensure they're current every 6 months.

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Aviation, commercial checkrides and tests 

Gotta have a test to make sure we can still fly properly every 12 months. Gotta make sure you're instrument current every 6 months. Gotta make a doctor's appointment with a special doctor every 12 months if youre below 40, 6 months if you're 40 or older, to make sure you're still healthy enough to fly.

Lotta tests.

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Yay, checkride day. Passed one of two, tue second'll be fun cuz it's in a plane I've not flown since, like, September.

genderpol, "super straight" thoughts 

I love that "super straight" was originally a trans person's stand-up routine about how a "super straight" person wouldn't care about the trans-ness of the other person, and the fascists have turned it into how a they absolutely /do/ care about the trans-ness of the other person.

Like, it'd be like if they took "libertarian" to mean "neo-feudalist" or "socialist" to mean "fasc—"

Oh, wait....

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