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Self-promotion, link to writing

Where I'm gonna put up PDFs and ODTs of short stories, probably all set in the Colonized Earth universe. Maybe more organization will come later, IDK.

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Stages of me being drunk:

Stage 1: Drinking, this gonn' be good
Stage 2: Buzzed, fun and fuzzy
Stage 3: Wheeeee!
Stage 4: So, like, you're great
Stage 4.2: Like, OMG how are all the people I know so awesome? u.u
Stage 5: Gosh I hope they know they're awesome. I should tell them. Am I being sappy? SAP IS HOW MAPLE SYRUP IS MADE THEY NEED TO KNOW


Mh (-) alcohol and fatigue 

The liquor dulls the pain I dont feel, but know I should. It lessens the edge of the emptiness. There is still nothing, but now it is softer.

I keep telling myself it'll be okay. New job, new apartment, eventually I'll get there. Like how eventually I'd graduate, get my degree. Like how eventually I'd pay off loans and own a house. Eventually I'll have tine for hobbies and friends and to save for retirement.

Have I always known it was a lie. The little engine that could, always trying to climb a hill that'll never end. Only gets steeper.

What happens when Sisyphus gives up? I think that's one of the points of Sisyphus, that he doesn't. He can't. But he's also a fiction, and I'm not Sisyphus.

Us pol, overton window thoughts, good omens mention 

Its like that scene in Good Omens where the antichrist appears to have no aura, when his aura is actually so big you cant see outside of it.

Capitalism is the aura. It completely encompasses the overton window, so if everywhere you look is trash, that could be the reason.

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Us pol, overton window thoughts 

If you look at the Dems and Repubs and think "wow they bothsuck hard" that doesnt mean you or any good policy or governance is between them in the "center".

Look offscreen to the left. It could be neoliberalism you hate, or capitalism in general.

Work gripe 

Called into work at 7am. Came in, hung around for 2 hours, was told to leave cuz there was nothing to do.

Called into work again at 11:30

Still hanging around because my passengers arent here even though dispatch said they were.

I dint get paid for standby time. Im up to 3 hours of standby today. Im so tired of it.

One thing that weirds me out about SW Alaska is....

So, the Kvichak River mouth flows into Bristol Bay. Follow that river upstream and you'll reach Iliamna Lake. At the north end of this lake is the Newhalen River, which comes from Lake Clark. Lake Clark is fed primarily from the Tlikakila River, which has it's head way up in the Chigmit Mountains at the summit of Lake Clark Pass.

Less than a kilometer away from where those streams turn southwest-bound in the main pass valley is a lake that formed in the footprint of a retreating glacier. That lake feeds the North Fork Big River which flows northeast through the other side of the pass, around Big River Lakes, into Big River, which then flows into Cook Inlet.

Which means, with just a bit of work and earth-moving equipment, we could relatively easily merge the heads of the Tlikakila River and North Fork Big River, and therefore turn the entirety of the Alaska Peninsula into an island.

Below is a picture of the unconnected waterways. There's seriously less than a 50-foot elevation difference between the two river-heads.

Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed

General commentary on commerial pilot experiences 

The joke is that all airline pilots have the same sorta cadence when giving briefings over the intercom. I can't exactly speak to what all they have to do in those flight-decks, but I can attest that your average commercial pilot is at least suffering from severe chronic fatigue, has a job that requires an abnormally high mental energy drain with a comparatively tiny physical energy drain, and likely has untreated, mental illnesses (likely exacerbated by the aforementioned) because treatment requires diagnoses, and getting diagnosed risks outright losing your whole career.

So, like, cut 'em some slack, yeah? They're severely overworked.

Aviation, work stuff 

Consecutive 12-hour days are fun.

US pol thoughts 

Im tired, and thinking about the Inca.

I read that they, like many civilizations deified their leaders. The Sapa Inka was therefore immortal, and would be mummified and kept in his palace with all his stuff.

So though there would be a new Sapa Inka, the old dead mummified one was still considered alive and could influence politics by way of a cadre of priests who'd interpret the mummy emperor's will and wishes and lobby for them.

Which sounds silly, until you realize that's basically what Constitutional Originalists do here in the USA: Lobby for policy that they claim the old dead deified leaders of the past would have wanted.

Wait, it still sounds silly. Nvm

Falcon hot take 

Calling the peregrin falcon the fastest animal just because it can fall real fast is cheating. By that metric, humans are actually the fastest animal because of Felix Baumgartner and Joseph Kittinger.

You gotta be fast on your own locomotive power. Using gravity's cheating.

The ceiling cat got antsy and started clawing the sky today

The existence of radio transceivers implies the existence of radio cisceivers send toot

Aviation, number joke 

Was absolutely /blazing it/ on the powerline transition yesterday.

Furry, lewd, avian, bad date joke 

Someone is at home woth their anthro duck boyfriend, trying to open a bottle of wine.

"Fuck, the corkscrew broke in the cork." *looks to duck boyfriend* "you dont happen to have one around, do you?"

Silly non-serious Bible thoughts 

P1: God doesn't experience time the way we do
P2: God has apologized for a global human-destroying flood and promises to never do it again.
P3: There is no evidence that the world has been destroyed by a global flood since humans have existed

Conclusion: The flood simply hasn't happened yet.

Evolution pondering, physiology 

Thinking about how, like, if you put a bird into darkness they'll think its night and get sleepy. But, like birds have lived outside under sun and stars for a hundred million years. There's no need for them to have a complicated endochrinal system that tells their bodies when its sleeptime.

Whereas mammals spent most of that time (generally) as burrowing nocturnal critters, who live in dark burrows even during daytime, so it makes sense we have that whole system.

re: Cold war thoughts 

Vasily Arkhipov, 1962 Oct 27
Stanislav Petrov, 1983 Sep 26

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