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Urilis @sashahamilton@vulpine.club

Unfortunately it seems the regex blocker doesn't filter post origins, only post contents. :(

Is there a way to turn off seeing bot posts in my feeds? A few are interesting, but not enough to make up for the ones that aren't. :/

Sometimes I like to take some time to appreciate modern life. I just ate a fresh green salad in the desert, and drank as much water as I wanted secure in the knowledge I wouldn't get sick from it.

14th-Century me is super impressed with my quality of life.

Now excuse me while I get some ice and nibble on some apples.

Remember: when training someone for an additional aircraft category rating at the private pilot level, to follow 14 CFR 61.63(b) and endorse, as per AC 61-65G A.1 and A.32, compliance with 14 CFR §§ 61.39(a)(6)(i), 61.103(f), 61.107(b), and 61.109, but that they might not need compliance with §§ 61.35(a)(1), 61.103(d), and 61.105, as per §61.63(b)(4).

CFI school feels like learning magic spells sometimes. Forget one thread and you turn into a turnip.

Went rock-climbing for the first time in years on Saturday. My and and arms are still sore. Super fun though!

I think today should be Randomly Snug a Cutie Day. Imma snug @Irick

Have some incredible orchestral music. I'm glad people are still composing treasures. youtu.be/hcFBp8rdPAE

No wonder my global feed was filled with posts I couldn't understand; I'd thought the "filter languages" was "check which languages you *want* to see." So, rather than having only English 'cuz I'm a monolingual American jerk, English was the only language I wasn't seeing!

Instead of admitting I didn't read properly and merely made a mistake, I'll blame it on a conspiracy of Mastodon to get me to experience other cultures. How dare they expose me to Foreign?!

❤ Y'all!

Urilis awooed

Me: How did the back of my tablet get so scratched up?

Also me: [sets tablet on sandpaper so it doesn't slide off the wing]

Right, should probably add tags or something, yeah? So, er,

Uh, hey I guess. Just a weirdo who got talked into making an account by a good friend of mine. Er, not sure all what to say. I write. Ostensibly. Been rather busy as of late, but hopefully I'll get back to it soon. I'm a nerd, and love space to bits, and hard sci-fi, and books in general, and stories, and ... games n' stuff.

So, hullo! o/ Awkwardfox