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Self-promotion, link to writing

Where I'm gonna put up PDFs and ODTs of short stories, probably all set in the Colonized Earth universe. Maybe more organization will come later, IDK.

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Stages of me being drunk:

Stage 1: Drinking, this gonn' be good
Stage 2: Buzzed, fun and fuzzy
Stage 3: Wheeeee!
Stage 4: So, like, you're great
Stage 4.2: Like, OMG how are all the people I know so awesome? u.u
Stage 5: Gosh I hope they know they're awesome. I should tell them. Am I being sappy? SAP IS HOW MAPLE SYRUP IS MADE THEY NEED TO KNOW

July 2: first rime this year I've had rommto fetch a bottle of ice to cuddle to get to sleep. It's 23 C inside, 13 C outside.

Last year outside got up to 35. Not looking forward to that.

Tilde is a punctuation mark and W is a vowel thank you for coming to my TED talk send toot

Pol, fascism, us-pol adjacent, more armchair musing. 

Seeing the right-wing of the US complain that they don't have enough power, when they have all 3 branches of the federal government and most state legislatures and governorships is ... on the one hand silly, but on the other scary and indicative.

The right promises they can fix things, but their solutions don't work. Deporting people, stripping rights from minorities, etc. doesn't solve any of the problems. But they can't admit this, so they blame Someone Else (also why they deport people, strip rights, etc. It's always Someone Else's fault).

So even when they're in power, they have to pretend they're not. They're being sabotaged. Democrats are blocking them, the system's laws prevent them from doing what's needed, etc. So when they're in power, the reason things aren't being fixed like they promised is because they don't have /enough/ power. Not /enough/ people have been deported.

Aviation, safety, aeronautical decision-making, coming from experience. 

If ever you find yourself getting into sketchy conditions, be sure to set yourself a red-line and adhere to it.

The red-line should:
- Be within the realm of safe flight conditions, however you deem them to be
- Be well-defined, e.g. "If I can't see X by Y" or "If I don't touch down by X I'll go-around" or "If I'm not slow enough by X I'll go around".
- Have a get-out procedure that is at least as safe as the conditions of the red-line. E.g. "Turn around" or "climb, call, confess, comply", or whatever. So long as it's safer to do the get-out procedure than it is to continue into the sketchy conditions.


There's no point of having a red line if you don't obey it. Don't "just ten seconds longer" your red line.

Aviation, camping, rain 

Had a brief pause at work today. Landed at an airport for a refueling, but had to wait for the fuel guy to show up. So there was a 10-minute just sit in the empty plane, leaned back, watching and listening to the rain patter. It was super-peaceful, super-relaxing.

I wanna go camping, now. But I don't have any of my stuff. :( But, like, have some food, a stove, and just lay in the tent listening to rain. Mmmmmmm

Armchair psychologizing, politics, police brutality ref. 

The more I see right-wing arguments, the more it seems that they start from a vastly different set of axioms as left-wingers.

Like, one of the axioms seems to be "We live in a just, meritocratic system." That's a given, unassailable. So all the evidence to the contrary has to be explained away. Black people getting longer sentencing for the same crimes? They must have done /something/ else wrong to justify it, because we live in a just system. Immigrants stuffed into concentration camps? Well, they wouldn't be there if they were innocent, so they must have done something wrong. What, specifically? I don't know, but it must be /something/, because we live in a just system.

So they'll come up with a thousand and one hypothetical reasons someone deserved the treatment they got. The system is just. He smoked weed once, he wandered into a construction site, he wasn't obeying orders well enough, or fast enough.

The only time they can't justify it is when it directly affects them, because there are no hypotheticals there. They /know/ they don't deserve what they're getting. So it's not hypocrisy so much as them getting a glimpse of the unjustness of the system, and hating it.

But if there's ever any doubt, it falls on the victim, because The System Is Just.

Bird is tired. Bird go sleep sitting up. zVz

Work stuff (+) 

I passed my checkride! :D I'm now able to fly the Piper Navajo for work. Huzzah!

Also, since it counted as an IPC, and training and checkride involved a bunch of TOLs, I'm up-to-date on as many currencies as I can right now. ASEL, AMEL, Instrument. I don't have my night currencies because *gestures to the lack of any night*

us pol, acab, (-) 

Nothing like waking up and immediately seeing a video of police pull a gun on someone just because they asked why they were pulled over.

Good morning! America is a fuck! :D

Aviation, job stuff (+) 

Flew the Piper Navajo solo for the first time today. Am still short on the requirements for being able to fly it for company profit, but I'm almost there.

Moving up in the world! :D Quite literally because it has ADS-B and is turbocharged, so I can fly higher and faster with it.

Aviation, bathroom adjacent 

Fuel stops, where you put fluid into the plane and take fluid out of the pilot.

Kolus :asexual_flag: awooed

Hearing reports of Antifa provocateurs offering people "high-fives" followed by a "to-the-side," but when they then offer a "down-low" they pull their hand away and go "Too slow!"

Scary stuff, be safe out there!!

re: Gender thoughts, toxic masculinity 

Like, do I not feel boy-ish because I'm in a culture where being masculine is, like, tackling a deer, choking it to death with your bare hands, then taking bites out of its raw, bleeding hide while bragging to your guy-friends about how many women you've sexed with recently? Would I feel better about being a guy if there wasn't all that baggage associated with it?

But maybe that's what being a man currently is, and that's not me, so I'm ... not?

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Gender thoughts 

So, after a lot of thinking about it, I can say with some mild confidence that I'm pretty sure I'm not a girl. Still not sure if I'm a boy or not, though. :P

Selfie, sunglasses, asexual pride, aviation 

My masks finally came. Thanks to @Draekos for letting me be extra stylish at work!

Good night fediverse. The world is richer for your presence.

I mean, like, you the person reading this.

Some armchair psychology about millenials and the economy. 

I've noticed a lot of "I don't believe people when they say they love me" sort of thing on the internet, and, like .... can't help but wonder if a not insignificant cause of that is that people work their asses off and capitalist society says "yeah, your 110% is worth a half-packet of instant noodles and space in the third ring around a barrel-fire for you to sleep in." Like, every moment of our adult lives we're being reinforced that our time, energy, effort, work, etc. is worth almost nothing. So when someone we admire says "wow you're super-valuable to me" it doesn't seem real.

US Pol, Cops 

I like the things online that're like "If you're accosted by cops at a protest, know your rights! Here they are in a numbered list, and if they are violated take notes" with the implication that, like, you can go to the courts and the cops'll be punished for violating your rights.

When this whole thing started because a cop murdered someone in cold blood on video and wasn't prosecuted.

Like, they can get away with murder. Illegally searching you and destroying evidence isn't a drop in the bucket.

Fuck cops

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