Sipping tea and looking at the 200' ceilings with 3,000 foot freezing levels. Its a good day to fly.

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If you really want to help Firefox succeed, file a bug on when you find a broken website. Don't just switch back to Chrome; let Mozilla know there's a problem so they can try to fix it.

When browsers lose market share, they fall into the "compatibility death spiral." Sites don't bother to test, they break, and users flee to the browser that "just works." Mozilla is fighting this battle every day, and it just got harder.

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Remember, you can't search by text on Mastodon, except in your own timeline. That's so harassers can't just find people to attack via a simple search.

Therefore it's important to use hashtags so people can find your stuff, assuming you want them to.

#Advice #HowMastodonWorks

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Windows administrator be goin' around Linux SUs like

One of my favorite wordplay things is singularizing things that shouldn't be singular. There're certain words that just inherently refer to a batch of something. Such as "gasoline." You can have volumes and masses of gasoline, but not a number.

What brought this on is I just bought some cheese today. And it's advertised as "32 soft cheeses". Which, to me, feels like it's regularizing a plural.

Hello, yes, I would like three cheeses, please. Thank you.

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Hello! My friend and I are starting a podcast called Worldbuilders, Inc., where we take a small idea and build a fictional world around it. And we need suggestions! Think of things like "modern day, where the other sentient species were merfolk" or "what if assassins were celebrities".

If you would like to help us be writing nerds who want to worldbuild for fun, send your ideas to
"". No idea too weird!

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This made me crack up the moment I saw it. These are visibility ajdbflight condition charts. That look like a toddler scribbled on. Theres a legend on the left chart.

So, this is a thing. That's likely rain across the whole of western Cascadia, with chance of thunderstorms along the coast, with a low-pressure center only a couple dozen kilometers from me.

I might not be flying today. XD

Almost killed a dozen gulls and totalled a plane today cuz they thought a runway was a good roosting location. Going 50 kias when noticed and they tried to avoid being hit by flying directly away.

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50 years ago: "Man, 3D printing'll be so nifty. Like, concievably, could build whole buildings in minutes! Rockets to the moon in a few hours!"
Today: 'Hey, I printed a minifig. Took 18 hours, and its a little lumpy, but it's great."

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