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Urilis awooed
Urilis awooed

this is brilliant Elon Musk Submarit game ๐Ÿ˜‚

There's a lot of bad, ugly people in the world. Thanks to all you cuties here who are good and pretty and sweet. Mastadon is such a breath of niceness. <3

Holy jeebus I just realized now, at 26, that Robin Hood's name is a pun.

Is there a way to follow all,posts on a specific instance?

Urilis awooed

asexual.space is now ready to welcome people on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum!

Biking to work has been wonderful. Something something excersize and endorphins. But seriously, I'm feeling great. Its about 40 minutes of aerobics per day, and its lovely.

Urilis awooed

Flying near Tillamook, OR, eastbound toward McMinnville, listening to Seattle Center. Heard a PIREP about volcanic ash. Over the next 20 minutes the pilot and Center clarified. Volcanic ash blowing off Mt St Helens, NE for miles, below 9000, stretching as far as 30 miles at 2000 feet.

Landed. Looked for news of this. Nothing. No news. The PIREP is here, though. How is nobody reporting on this?

Over Crescent City, CA at 8,000 feet. Beautiful day at the beach. Pretty choppy water, but smooth air.

21st Century humans rated emotions on a number scale, with low numbers meaning fondness/affection, and high numbers meaning dislike/repulsion. As with all scales there was a margin of error, which resulted in very low numbers being impossible to verify. Three was the lowest verifiable number. Thus, those experiencing strong affection could only say it was less than three, meaning more affection than can be accurately measured.

Okay, some of the tables at Rimsky-Korsakoffee House are HAUNTED oh my goodness! Never have I gone from complete ignorance of a thing to so desiring to participate in it.

Svlad Cjelli can eat his I-Ching calculator.

Ah, got home after a heavy bike ride. Stopped by the store to pick up some oil (forgot an onion for dinner, so it's pasta tonight). Didn't even realize I /could/ grocery-shop from a bike. Is that even legal??

Now relaxing with Rimsky-Korsakov's Easter Overture playing. Well, blaring. Because Rimsky-Korsakov is best enjoyed at >80 dB

P.S. So, I just googled "Rimsky-Korsakov" to ensure I spelled it right. AND THERE'S A COFFEE SHOP CALLED RIMSKY-KORSAKOFFEE WHAT?!?!

I biked 3.5 miles to the airport, then flew across the state and back. Getting ready to bike home. What a life. For the first time in 4 years, I like my job.

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Fun fact: we're fast approaching Earth's shortest day. Because the Earth spins and orbits, it actually has to rotate more than 360 degrees from one noon to the next. About 1 degree more, though how much depends on how fast we're orbiting the sun. July 6 is aphelion, when we're the farthest, and thus slowest, so the next noon comes just a bit sooner than at other times of the year.

Late June/early July (northern hemisphere): longer daylight times, shorter days.