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Now that we have Markdown rendering I can finally fulfill my destiny. Here's our system nose boop function:

let NoseBoop fronter =
match fronter with
| Sasha => Sasha.pawFlail()
| Alex => Alex.say("That's for sniffing not for booping!")

glitch-soc is getting Markdown rendering!


How do you pronounce fstab, as in /etc/fstab ?

badly explained furson, expletive 

word play/sexuality shit posting 


furry musings 

stray thoughts 

lewd humor 

lewd take on a meme 

head canon meme 

I suspect this is old news, but if you're ever having a bad just remember that this happened:

If ever decides to support MarkDown and/or LaTeX rendering I will literally lose my mind with glee.

selfie, eye contact 

Plurality: The ultimate cost saving measure--you get N people going through therapy for the price of 1!

Mood of the day: it took me a lot longer to be confident wearing tattered cargo pants than a mini-skirt and tights.

Did you know if I stand over an infinite half-plane of conductor you can think of there being a "Mirror Alex" on the opposite side of the plane with opposite charge for the sake of computing induced charge and fields?

Current status: staying up until 3 AM talking to cuties about the role of computer-aided proofs in modern mathematics.

What a life ❤️

nude and not nude furry art 

Something I am proud of, but shouldn't be:
[[-1,0],[0,-1]] ↑ = ↓

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