US focused state-of-the-world musings 

abrasively bad pun 

lewd shit post / furry humor 

home lab 

furry art (nude), ref sheet adjacent 

SFW furry art 

D/s (Data/science) mention 

selfie, eye contact, home lab 

Fairly specific video game nerdery 

walks up to microphone

If you are non-binary and using multiple inheritance to add functionality to a class, that's a Mx-In pattern.

selfie, eye contact 

selfie, eye contact, tail 

Ah yes, the FFTF, or "Fast Fourier (Species) Transform".

selfie, eye contact, collar 

Possibly hot take: Autocorrect is aim assist for words.

selfie, tail 

selfie, eye contact, tail 

old, kink focused art 

Idle thought 

exceptionally bad chemistry pun 

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