Fairly specific video game nerdery 

walks up to microphone

If you are non-binary and using multiple inheritance to add functionality to a class, that's a Mx-In pattern.

selfie, eye contact 

selfie, eye contact, tail 

Ah yes, the FFTF, or "Fast Fourier (Species) Transform".

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Possibly hot take: Autocorrect is aim assist for words.

selfie, tail 

selfie, eye contact, tail 

old, kink focused art 

Idle thought 

exceptionally bad chemistry pun 

Hazards of having a social circle that is completely chill with plurality:

Rewriting a work e-mail to remove all the "we" and "us" statements and replace them with "I" and "me".


Number of interviewers greeted with "Hewwo!": 1

More unintended consequences of feeling comfortable being myself:

Getting dangerously close to starting an interview with "Hewwo!"

A snippet from a conversation today, provided with no context:

Can I provision my kitchen appliances with Terraform?

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Thoughts for the day: relaying things that worked for you during a job search and assuming it's generally applicable advice is likely survivorship bias.

(CC: Future Me)

selfie, eye contract 

Me: > I am an engineer who values precision and rigor in both hardware and software applications.

Also Me: > does shit like this

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