If you don't imagine the screen shattering followed by an abrupt cut to a turn-based battle whenever you write a polite (yet furious) e-mail to a co-worker what are you even doing with your life.

Pretty sure my gender is not computable in polynomial time. You could say I'm NB-complete.

Got that Big Otherkin Energy or "kinetic energy" as it's known.

The Fox Female Transition, or "FFT" is a discretized version of the following continuous transformation:

FFT: f(t) for t∈Cis→fox(q) for q∈Queer ≡ fox(q)=∫e^(−itq)f(t) dt

Intuitively this algorithm decomposes cis boiz into their vulpine femme components.

Yet another entry in "unintended consequences of being yourself":

*in a public setting* "Oh let me just wash my pawbs---hands."

Got that Big Tail Energy.

*wags, producing 1/2*m_tail*(v_tail)^2 of kinetic energy*

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TYS: I'm a heavy tailed distribution.

*thumps wolf tail against couch*

Had a conversation start as "what language should we use to describe our relationship".

It end with a brief review of Hilbert spaces that somehow answered the original question.

My first attempt at a rigorous definition of a fox:

∀ yipp > 0 ∃ yapp > 0 s.t. |tail−swish| < yipp ⟹ |f(tail)−f(swish)| < yapp

Tired: surely going to happen.

Wired: occurs with probability 1.

Inspired: occurs with probablity 1 outside a set of measure 0.

Hot take: burritos are just food monads.

Never really felt like the term Genderfluid worked for me, then I realized I'm a Gender Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Hot take: waffles are just strategically wrinkled bread.

It is known that otters are wiggly water sausages thus we can conclude they are Simple Harmonic Ottscillators.

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*reads warning label on prescription bottle labeled 'Object Oriented Programming'*

"Huh, may cause unintended side effects."

Tag yourself: I'm a generalization of specific concept originally developed through empirical observation.

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Advertising on the side of those little bins that are used for security screenings at airports is perhaps the most "late stage capitalism" thing I have ever seen.

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