ra ra rasputin,
it is the monoene of teflon

re: enderal 

like aged man still gets old but i dont groan everytime i hear it start like with skyrim songs

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everything in this game gets compared to skyrim for obvious reasons but DAMN these bard songs are so much better than hearing ragnar the red 50 times

I deauthed my neighbor's Ring for a straight month until he bought a new one thinking it was faulty. I'm still deauthing that one. I think he's just given up and hopes its presence will scare people away.

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Hey, if your neighbors have Amazon Ring™️ or Google Nest™️ cameras just constantly deauth them (and/or physically destroy them).

re: coffee, food 

you can pick it up (carefully) and it will keep its form

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coffee, food 

The aeropress compresses all the grounds into a small cylindrical shape that looks like a forbidden cookie.

enderal, spoilers 

"So have you ever read Morala Shrugged? I think you'd really enjoy it. It changed how I think about the world."

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enderal, spoilers 

oh no, the cute flirty girl is an ancap

covid, overthinking a thought experiment 

Everyone's asking what you would tell your past self from 2019 but no one is considering the risk of spreading the virus to your past self and creating a timeline where society has even less time to prepare. Practice responsible temporal distancing.

NSFW-ish joke 

If you have a bovine datemate that enjoys bottoming and being teased, is that a roast beef sub?


werewolf sprinting is definitely the most fun way to travel


my alchemist/lycanthrope/heavy armor/shield and one-handed/some magic build is coming along nicely

re: enderal, spoilers, fictional drug addiction 

another example is the one with the wealthy ark guy and his poor, drug addicted sister. your options are:

  • kill her
  • let her kill him in exchange for money

there's a fairly lengthy dialogue where you try to de-escalate but nothing works. heck, there's not even on option of "you should take revenge on this rich bastard but you also need to get help after". the only pro-revenge-killing makes you seem like a greedy soulless bastard.

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re: enderal, spoilers 

like the one where the farmer's daughter has the red madness. your options are:

  • let him open her cage believing it's just a fever. she'll kill him. then you have to kill her.
  • say she has to be killed. then he'll attack you. then you'll either kill her or leave her where she wil either strave to death or be released and kill someone else.

i wanted to reassure the father that the Order will be the best place for her to get treatment and gently argue for knocking her out, restraining her, and bringing her in. but that option doesnt exist. on top of that, the option to argue to kill her is very graceless and he gets very defensive (which it probably would have no matter how you worded it but your choice of words defintely doesnt help)

there's just no way to de-escalate this.

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enderal, spoilers 

i've been doing the side quests to grind and most have pretty grim endings, which i get. it's a dark setting. but there are some that i feel the protagonist should have been able to be given more options for a more peaceful solution.

enderal, minor spoilers 

the ark librarian's reaction to you pulling out the butcher of ark books is priceless

by the-
put that away!

cant believe i was using cygwin's shitty default color scheme when their other ones are so much more clear

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