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beep boop!

Hi Mastodon. I've gone a long time without making an so here's one. I'm Sammy. I'm a software developing gay robot.

I am a techy, cuddly spoonie with diabetes (type 1) and some sensory processing fuckery.

I enjoy...

Cooking, especially low-carb food, when I have the chance.

Factorio and spend way too much time playing it. I'll be posting my builds here.

Repairing things and diy projects, learning how things work, how to make them last longer, how to improve things myself, how to use new tools.

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i'll do the pattern in either black or white, depending on what has the better contrast

"leopard stripes"

i apparently dont know my big cats



OK, fediverse, I need your help again. What nail polish color and pattern?

Poll below, or just comment.

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Inside each of us, there are two sith, no more, no less.

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