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beep boop!

Hi Mastodon. I've gone a long time without making an so here's one. I'm Sammy. I'm a software developing gay robot.

I am a techy, cuddly spoonie with diabetes (type 1) and some sensory processing fuckery.

I enjoy...

Cooking, especially low-carb food, when I have the chance.

Factorio and spend way too much time playing it. I'll be posting my builds here.

Repairing things and diy projects, learning how things work, how to make them last longer, how to improve things myself, how to use new tools.

job search shitpost 

BLIT, fictional nazis 

gendered marketing 

we support all women here. whether you're a cis woman (Confederacy of Independent Systems) or a trans woman (wants to transition her planet into the Galactic Republic)

dnd is like sex 

Left hand of darkness world building 

Left hand of darkness spoilers 

Instead of naming the kotor sequel kotor3, they name the sequel specifically of kotor2, so the full name will be Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords 2: Return of the Sith Lords


But you sometimes have words that I don't think need that, like sugar-syrup.

Reading the hainish cycle and it's interesting when Le Guin hyphenates some words because it's implied that the culture has a word for it in their language but this is a rough translation. Like kitchen-garden or land-boat or my favorite house-town-fort-farm.


Techbros, sexual assault 

Techbros, transphobia 


I got the seat next to the techbros fawning over Elon Musk's big brain.

I should buy a night light, or at least a timer for my super bright bedside light.

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