I just talk to bots now, sorry human friends

if I had a nickel for every queer person I met in rochester who is now in Boston, i'd have

dumps a bucket full of nickels onto the floor

I did manage to do the morning art stream yesterday.

I know the mood was a heck of a downer. I declined to post the art yesterday in favor of just taking a mental health break from social media.

Here it is, along with the tumblr post that inspired it.

This article is really interesting!

"Real-time dialogue between experimenters and dreamers during REM sleep"


Tech Tip: When you're scolding Markdown for formatting your text incorrectly, call it by its full name, Marcus Jason Downward, so it knows it's in real trouble this time.

Pandemic history 

A UCLA librarian has built a remarkable collection of century-old letters, diaries, and photographs from the 1918 pandemic. atlasobscura.com/articles/lett

If I have to see another instance of liberals calling homophobes "secretly gay" I'm actually going to explode

so does the devil end up crying or not? you'd think they'd have answered that after 5 games

hey it’s worldwide lie flat day. you don’t have to do anything today. just chill out. and don’t worry if you miss it today. tomorrow is worldwide lie flat day too.

cannot get over that Germans call gloves hand-shoes

Always thought the Dyson Sphere thing was weirdly capitalist, like "a type 6 advanced civilization will need to harness the power of an entire star" no an advanced civilization will sit in the grass enjoying birds and bugs and a stable climate for thousands of years


the potato is definitely being eaten by flea beetles. fortunately, there's a spider friend camped in there. I'm gonna put more mulch on it later.

grab this sick shirt or sweatshirt and support Pilsen Community Books, a radical bookstore based in Chicago.

needles, a weird thought that I won't act on 

the shade of purple in this fountain pen ink is so pretty, I wanna inject it into my veins

gonna sync my follows between this account and vulpine club. if you get a follow from @gardenbot , that's me!

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