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beep boop!

Hi Mastodon. I've gone a long time without making an so here's one. I'm Sammy. I'm a software developing gay robot.

I am a techy, cuddly spoonie with diabetes (type 1) and some sensory processing fuckery.

I enjoy...

Cooking, especially low-carb food, when I have the chance.

Factorio and spend way too much time playing it. I'll be posting my builds here.

Repairing things and diy projects, learning how things work, how to make them last longer, how to improve things myself, how to use new tools.

I got a (fake) leather jacket at a clothing swap and I never realized how powerful one could feel in one.

*powerpuff girl narrator voice*

once again the day is saved thanks to

keeping regular backups

tea, might be gross 

cw weed; a picrew i had saved from awhile ago 


everytime you post, it deletes something from someone's feed

NY state really likes naming places after places


I got my favorite nb mermaid as my wallpaper

Artist: Isra Carrion




healthcare pol 

Watching Star Trek Enterprise 

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