vanilla dome? no thanks, I'd rather go to the kinky dome

joke about transphobia 

"There are only two sexes" yea, the bad sex (which is what you're having) and the good sex (which is what I'm having)

I'm not playing it right now and I don't really need help with it or anything, I'm just curious

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what if I'm missing out on a super hot gay polycule because I don't check this website that much????

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when I wasn't looking on mastodon did any hot girls follow me?

me getting a notification that someone followed my mastodon social account: I have an account there still??

lots of people following me from sorry to disappoint but "Shield Cat" actually stars an otter

see the trouble with mastodon is that most the people I know went back to Twitter and most likely wont come back, so I'm just like, yea lmao

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I suppose I should start using Mastodon more again lol

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