Here at [totally serious business name], we know that variety is important, so mark your Laughably Outdated Liabilities appropriately:

If you see something glowing blue..
A) It's just a light, you're fine.
B) It's a nuclear source, and..
1) It's underwater, you're fine.
2) It's in air, you are being exposed to lethal levels of radiation.

A related fun fact: Burning fossil fuels releases more radiation into the environment than nuclear power ever has - even when you include every incident (i.e. Chernobyl, Fukushima, Three Mile Island...)

So I've just learned that nuclear power is explicitly excluded from "green energy" even though it is, in fact, green.

I am really unreasonably annoyed that GitHub's contributions graph isn't working correctly on my profile. When I work on things without pushing for a couple days, and then push, it only shows contributions on the day I push, which just.. doesn't show when I'm actually working on things.

Me: *clicks and drags a video into Sony Vegas*
Vegas: *freezes, crashes*
Windows: *moves the video to the desktop*
Me: Computers were a mistake.

Well, it turns out that buying Sony Vegas 14 Edit actually means you get a license for two computers that will randomly cease functioning, and a MAGIX account that will equally randomly fail to exist.

I love being screwed over by corporations. <3

So I made a spreadsheet for my KSP aircraft, measuring peak performance and estimating range and flight times:

@saphire I don't remember if I did this already, but *liiiicks*

I just broke my girlfriend by explaining that you don't have to be a guy to have dad energy.

Suicidal shitposting? Fuck I dunno ban me 

Feeling suicidal, looking for something to distract me from it, and I just get reminded that I'm a privileged asshole with nothing to worry about. Guess I'll just die then.

The home feed loading thing is the cutest thing ever. I tried to screenshot it just now but was too late. :(

Why does EVERY legal form use gender and sex incorrectly?

I hereby propose we rename positrons to gay electrons, as they do exactly the opposite of what "a normal Christian electron" does.

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