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Hello, I am not a boy. I would like to work on expressing this better in meatspace.

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I’m a caribou! (Pic by, suit by

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Hi! I'm known as "keb" a lot of places and "Roguecnidarian" is a convenient handle. I'm a queer leftist who's figuring themselves out still, a union member, and a technical and, presumably, handy person.

I like cars and cooking and terrible puns, have opinions about many things, but I feel like I don't have time for much more than silly posts lately. I also should probably be drawing more.

The only good thing about working weekends is the reggae/dub show on from 9-12 on kexp. Good vibes.

I love Parliament-Funkadelic, and discovering a compilation album in high school was rather formative to my musical tastes.

Periodic reminder that male-aligned nonbinary AMAB people and female-aligned nonbinary AFAB people are trans and valid.

Press button to activate SNOUTS DOT ONLINE

sportsball ⚽️ 

Getting woken up at 5 by a smoke detector that’s decided fresh batteries don’t have enough juice, and won’t accept any more, and just keeps hollering “LOW BATTERY” in a husky voice very much is emblematic of the future.

We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case):

Visited the Centralia supercharger on this weekend’s galavanting just to see what they look like in person 👀

anyway, our apartment watched the emoji movie tonight and it was a riotously good time for absolutely zero reasons that the writers, producers, or animators intended

These things are kind of mortifying. Very shaky and way too fast

Still using an Apple Pro Mouse in the Year of our Luigi, 2019

I feel like putting incongruous stickers like this on an EV

Continuing Car Hunt 

re: Continuing Car Hunt 

Continuing Car Hunt 

I actually really liked the clean design, the offset screen in lieu of an instrument cluster was actually not annoying, and I loved the little details like lights in the center console storage areas.

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