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I’m a caribou! (Pic by, suit by

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Hi! I'm known as "keb" a lot of places and "Roguecnidarian" is a convenient handle. I'm a queer leftist who's figuring themselves out still, a union member, and a technical and, presumably, handy person.

I like cars and cooking and terrible puns, have opinions about many things, but I feel like I don't have time for much more than silly posts lately. I also should probably be drawing more.

we are the last generation of humans to have had "heat it to as hot as a literal sun so it glows" as our primary way of making light


“Vaporwave” is short for “vaporeon wave”

I, a nonbinary telephone repair person, prefer the gender neutral term “phone person”

"Oh!" said the robot, "I have misunderstood. I assumed 'non-binary' referred to all people with biological brains."
"Not quite as many as that," xe said with a smile, "but more than many think."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

uspol, qanon conspiracy garbage 

@BarkingPoints is “when we go one we go all”, which is a q-anon hashtag, something something great awakening

quarantine, trans adjacent, mh (-) 

Before lockdown, I’d finally started spending as time with friends, getting up to nothing super important but good, or just talking. That’s all become alone time now, and plenty of time to think and my assigned gender seems like it’s feeling increasingly grating.

I still have work, but I’ve been feeling more in a rut than ever and need a change. Usually that change would be a change of scenery but now maybe it has to be change of self to be who I’ve know I need to become for a while and just kept putting off; maybe quarantine will be a metamorphosis time for me.

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quarantine, trans adjacent 

I like masks because they hide my jawline and my five-o-clock shadow.

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