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I’m a caribou! (Pic by, suit by

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Hi! I'm known as "keb" a lot of places and "Roguecnidarian" is a convenient handle. I'm a queer leftist who's figuring themselves out still, a union member, and a technical and, presumably, handy person.

I like cars and cooking and terrible puns, have opinions about many things, but I feel like I don't have time for much more than silly posts lately. I also should probably be drawing more.

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This aptitude does not have super cow powers.

Doin' the important things, like installing fish and aptitude and configuring the wheel group

I didn't realize that Jeeps were quite so costly. Even used ones with lots of miles.

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And like, it's important because you don't have to use PUTTY

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sorry i'm late, got in a little gender bender on my way to work today

I just noticed Wattam was released by Annapurna Interactive, the same folks who released Donut County. Everything I’ve played from them has been v good.

I finally got a chance to play Wattam, the latest quirky game from Katamari Damacy creator Takahashi Keita. It’s delightful and cute, twee without being too precious, and had me laughing. I ended up playing through the whole game this afternoon.

I definitely recommend it if you have a PS4 and like cute games. The music is as fun as Katamari Damacy’s soundtrack, and the instrumentation changes when you choose different characters. It has a little bit of story, but the point of it is the feelings not the story, and it’s very sweet — it feels like it’s from the heart.

Anyway, here’s polygon writer Jenna Stoeber talking about some of what’s fun about the game.

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I just finished playing a cute little voxel platformer exploration game called "The Touryst" for the Switch by a former group of German demoscene programmers. It shows, because the game is very quick and smooth, lighting effects are great, and it looks great. Also it’s a lot of fun without a lot of high stakes or stress. I definitely recommend it if you have a switch and liked things like Fez or Portal or Myst.

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taurs have six limbs 'cause they've got forelimbs in the front and two limbs in the back, that's the joke

I dunno why, Dexy's Midnight Runners' "This is What She's Like" is one of the songs I think about around New Years' Eve. Specifically the twelve-and-a-half-minute-long version which I haven't been able to find in years

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fines are now enforceable for not having a fursona

I didn't make it to midnight last night. I don't make it to midnight most nights, but my body does wake me up about the same time each morning.

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