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Had a dream I was at dinner and I got a dish that was just raw egg in a plate with cinnamon powder.

I have no idea how my brain came up with that abomination.

k8s: app goes down, make new app. make more app so service more good

Found in a bookstore. This packaging should be illegal. What the fuuuuuu

cw: sex, trauma, gender 

I really wish I knew why I have trauma related to sex. I tried digging but I just can't find anything. I hit dead ends.

My best guess is that I used sex to cope with gender dysphoria, and that hurt me, but that doesn't feel like the whole story.

The future knows more about us than we do now

Why on earth is this the tweet that makes me famous on Reddit

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I'm not legally a girl.

I'm illegally a girl, which is obviously much cooler.

Learning a language during covid is definitely hard mode. Trying to talk to locals who are wearing masks, having to understand their muffled speech, and have them understand my muffled speech.

When coding in Java, you need two monitors: a vertical one for the stack trace, and a horizontal one for the class names

I'm curious why computers at our company come with a "show desktop" shortcut on the desktop, which, since it's on the desktop, you can only use if you're already on the desktop

Easy things are a piece of cake, difficult things should be a piece of bread.

Because it's a pain

I don't wanna pass as cis I wanna pass as cute af

people say "gender is a spectrum" but then they think of it like a point along a gradient, or like a HSL value in a color wheel

i would like to posit that if gender is, in fact, a spectrum, then individual genders are not single points or even contiguous blobs but rather are more like this

Broke: Straights swapping gender in songs to make it het
Woke: Gays swapping gender in songs to make it gay
Bespoke: Trans people swapping gender to make themselves more comfterble
Bike spoke: Swapping all gendered words to goat

This was supposed to be a reply to something but I guess I screwed up

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