people say "gender is a spectrum" but then they think of it like a point along a gradient, or like a HSL value in a color wheel

i would like to posit that if gender is, in fact, a spectrum, then individual genders are not single points or even contiguous blobs but rather are more like this

@drifa WaPo is probably only crying out because they do to some extent rely on local newspapers for their local stories.

@KitRedgrave I've definitely shift a looooooot more to the left since I realised I was trans. Realised that the world was working against us.

re: Covid-19 in the nearby metro area 

@drifa it does not even look like it has flattened before


I'll always remember this pandemic as that time companies and organizations proved that they were always completely capable of implementing every single thing disabled people have asked for in the past, but actively chose not to do so.

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@smollobster I'm at the combination Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell

Broke: Straights swapping gender in songs to make it het
Woke: Gays swapping gender in songs to make it gay
Bespoke: Trans people swapping gender to make themselves more comfterble
Bike spoke: Swapping all gendered words to goat

This was supposed to be a reply to something but I guess I screwed up

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re: Transition Commemoration date 

@electroCutie You're a cloudmom!

I may not know what to say, but I promise, I am listening.

re: trans pol, fuck germany 

@deidara The thing is, even though before this, trans people were technically allowed to use the PstG (the easy one), states often don't allow it. My local state (Thüringen) required my physician to sign a form that I am not trans.

So honestly, not much has changed.

@rey What about the gender department? Do they know? Please tell meeeeeeeee

This week I've been hit by the trio of lactose, migraine, and depression.

Which incidentally will be the title of my autobiography

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