Getting an appointment for genetic testing is so annoying that it would’ve been faster just to use 23&me or something.

Seriously, I called like five times during call hours and the doctor was busy. One time they had an emergency.

What kind of fucking emergency happens at a genetics clinic? “QUICK! This person who’s been in an accident is too genderfucky and we need to know their sex immediately!”

Finally got an appointment today for three months in the future.

I cooked dinner, scrubbed the stovetop, and squeezed orange juice, and my upper body strength is like “nope”


Am I crazy for being mad at my roommate for using my mouthwash? I'm fine with sharing stuff like detergent and toilet paper, but mouthwash seems strangely intimate, especially when the cap is shared between mouths.

@drifa I wonder if there are USB condoms that work at the micro-USB end.

Either way, probably a better idea to use wireless charging station instead.

As amazing as technology is, sometimes it just can’t beat a physical object. A paper book is just more comfortable to read, and a paper calendar gives a better sense of time than a digital one.

I got the results from the endo visit. Apparently my estrogen and testosterone are at the right levels, which is nice.

But also, “feminine voice”.

It’s kind of funny having an officially certified feminine voice

@itspomf Having been to a US school, I found how soul-crushing Taiwanese schools are.

Makes me wonder how amazing the Danish ones are.

In my early transition, I really hated when I come out to people, and they say "I don't care what your gender is, I love you the same". Sure, that's probably true, but at the time, I really needed the validation that they accepted me as a girl.

@kesslerchee I'm sure most cis people who say "any pronoun" will still feel uncomfortable if someone actually does use other pronouns to refer to them.

I'm always tempted to actually do that and see what their reaction is.

@kesslerchee Saying "any pronoun" when you don't actually mean it shows a position of privilege, because you know people will refer to you with the right pronouns anyway.

lewd body parts joke 

How did the bar become the place to meet people and not the cafe? I want a gay cafe.

My previous year is retroactively the Year of Hope. The year started off completely hopeless, until I got on HRT, which gave me hope again. Then I fell into dysphoria and pain again, but still tried to find hope in a hopeless place, which is what kept me alive to today. Of course, I found my lovely girlfriend, which gave me lots of hope.

2020 will be my Year of Foundations. It’s going to be a wild time of change and uncertainty, but every item I resolve will also lay a foundation for my future.

  • I’ll finish the steps I need to be on HRT
  • I’ll visit family in Taiwan, and hopefully apply for skipping military service
  • I’ll graduate from Uni, unlocking many opportunities for Germany
  • I’ll get a full time job in Germany, letting me stay here as a resident

My god with the weird reply I’ve gotten I’m not posting to the global timeline again

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