This is actually extremely neat, the Cincinnati Museum of Art has made their CAM Collection of pieces available to Animal Crossing: New Horizon players via QR codes.

The QR code method is a bit tedeus if you want the whole collection and requires a smart phone and Nintendo Online app, but it's there.

public transit during lockdown [-] 

@david I can still walk to the essential places, thankfully. But I just think about people who can go wherever they want, because a car is conform to social distancing, while I am stuck to a smaller radius.

This pandemic made me suddenly feel like a second class citizen as someone without a car.

Public transport is no go, with a drastically reduced schedule and warnings not to take it if not necessary.

But people can still whiz around in cars.

Daylight savings time, but like Google's leap smear. You add a minute every day until it's an hour ahead.

transitioning is transhumanist

cyberpunk is now


every trans person is a cyberpunk protagonist

Reminder, non binary people don't owe you:

  • their agab
  • androgyny
  • time
  • they/them pronouns
  • forgiveness for fucking up

You owe non binary people:

  • five dollars

@MysticErvo She would be a great fit in a Stardew Valley type game

@nova National emergency! I am not cuddling a girl right now!

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