The princess looked at the small pile of paper scraps.
"Your hoard?"
"My treasure."
"This says 'Yes'. This, 'I want to-'" The princess blushed. "What?"
"Consent," the dragon said. "Freely given."
"I expected... more."
"Some were withdrawn."
"That's not- That's allowed?"
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

@GriffintheFolf @david I love Fedora! Packages are up to date, and you get a vanilla experience of Gnome

I swear Spotify has bots going around commenting "I wish this were on Spotify "

I'm so mad that Stray has so much horror that I can't play through it. Can't a girl just have a cute cat game?

Who decided that companies are girls? We have mother and daughter companies, but no father and son companies

Furries should be the group most against climate change. Hot summers kill fursuiting

All dev work is "real" work

I'm so tired of my coworkers saying support, bugfixing, and refactoring is not real development

We are the Korg. You will be arpeggiated. Resonance is futile.

@rey I wish this were more of a thing in adulthood. Bring back Show and Tell!!

What a world we live in where the best way to contact a corporation is on Twitter using my horny on main account

Lemme reflect on how to defeat Java encapsulation

Fun fact: If you use the string "Hello World!", Android Studio will not show a warning for using a hardcoded string.

Cursed idea: the l(o+)ng datatype, with the number of Os denoting the number of bytes

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