This pandemic made me suddenly feel like a second class citizen as someone without a car.

Public transport is no go, with a drastically reduced schedule and warnings not to take it if not necessary.

But people can still whiz around in cars.

@robinsyl Oof, I'm very sorry to hear that. And it'd be hard to ask a friend too I assume, with quarantine?

@david I can still walk to the essential places, thankfully. But I just think about people who can go wherever they want, because a car is conform to social distancing, while I am stuck to a smaller radius.

@robinsyl that's good. It's very not walkable like that where I live. Pleasant to walk when it's not midday, but miles away from anything

public transit during lockdown [-] 

@robinsyl that seems very wrong on a lot of axes

They don't want crowded buses, after all, and public transit is a lifeblood. At least if they were going to reduce they should post clear schedules?

public transit during lockdown [-] 

@electroCutie They do have clear schedules, but one bus per hour isn't really cutting it.

public transit during lockdown [-] 

@robinsyl truly

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