@robinsyl >a day

So I guess if you let room service in they'll give you a new apple

@karina I’m afraid to eat it. Is it edible? Does it cost money? Is it poisoned and we have a sleeping beauty situation here?

@robinsyl Hopefully it's placed in such as a location as to make it easy to hurl if you see any doctors about.
@robinsyl Like that one better than the almost decade-old sound-docks for pre-Lightning Apple devices I still regularly find in hotel rooms tbh.

@robinsyl Look around you. Maybe you can find a pen and a pineapple as well?

@robinsyl are you not enjoying your policy-included wall-mounted apple, ma'am?

@robinsyl the question you should be asking is why is there NOT a wall-mounted apple in any other hotel room you've been in?

@robinsyl What horrible places have you been staying that don't have wall-mounted apples? :flan_nooo:



@robinsyl I've seen this in a hotel room in Hamburg years ago. But the apple was green. :)

did tou noticed if the hotel manager was a snake?

@robinsyl wait, do you have to change out the apple daily? Because cant use the same apple for multiple days, it's against the rules

@skOsH I only stayed for a night so I didn't know what room service does with it.

@robinsyl According to How To Drink, the "apple a day" thing was propaganda from the apple growing industry (Big Apple?) introduced at the start of alcohol Prohibition in the USA. Before that the main use for apples was in making hard cider, and with that banned, they needed to convince everybody that apples were good to eat.

@robinsyl Temptation. It's sitting in plane sight and the sense of mystery it gives off is enough to make people eat it and have to pay some ridiculous price

@robinsyl A modern temptation of Eve, except instead of a serpent you have a weird inscription that says nothing at all and instead of self awareness you just get huge bills

@robinsyl Don't waste time wondering why - just make a fortune off it just like the guy who taped a banana to a wall. Carpe diem!

@robinsyl The help were told to install a computer, and they fu__ed up.

@robinsyl is an art piece valuated in $120000 don't eat it or you'll must pay it

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