This pandemic made me suddenly feel like a second class citizen as someone without a car.

Public transport is no go, with a drastically reduced schedule and warnings not to take it if not necessary.

But people can still whiz around in cars.

Daylight savings time, but like Google's leap smear. You add a minute every day until it's an hour ahead.

transitioning is transhumanist

cyberpunk is now


every trans person is a cyberpunk protagonist

Reminder, non binary people don't owe you:

  • their agab
  • androgyny
  • time
  • they/them pronouns
  • forgiveness for fucking up

You owe non binary people:

  • five dollars

I cannot progress in Undertale because I can't get myself to leave Toriel's house ;_;

Toby Fox needs to release a game where Toriel takes care of me and gives me an education

It's annoying enough to have a long term cough. It's more annoying when you're also asian and people make jokes about you having covid.

harry potter and the audacity of some people

Mouse and Rat are the same thing and I will die on this hill

is it any wonder people are afraid of gender?

*jumpscares someone with a huge sign* gender!

It’s Saturday. I decided to play video games. But I’m procrastinating video games by doing housework?

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When you make a sword in arts and crafts


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Euro Truck Simulator but it's a self driving truck

Getting an appointment for genetic testing is so annoying that it would’ve been faster just to use 23&me or something.

Seriously, I called like five times during call hours and the doctor was busy. One time they had an emergency.

What kind of fucking emergency happens at a genetics clinic? “QUICK! This person who’s been in an accident is too genderfucky and we need to know their sex immediately!”

Finally got an appointment today for three months in the future.

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