The System is not set up to help you succeed

The rules are there to lubricate the bureaucracy, take power from you, protect profits, and maintain what is considered social order

Following the rules will not allow you to become happy and healthy and there is no gold star for doing so

Do everything short of felonies to peruse your happiness and the betterment of the world around you
Do not suffer the limits of those who might oppress you kindly

This is your life, not theirs
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I accidentally called my multicolored light bulb my “non-binary bulb”

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I've been playing around with some color filters and color inversion, and they really make the display much more comfortable to look at.

Reminder that accessibility settings are for everyone. Take a look at the settings and see if something could benefit you!

Trans-inclusive Design

Late one night a few years ago, a panicked professor emailed me: “My transgender student’s legal name is showing on our online discussion board. How can I keep him from being outed to his classmates?” Short story: we couldn’t. The professor created an offline workaround with the student. Years later this problem persists not just in campus systems, but in many systems we use every day.

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Sometimes I feel sad about all the cute guys I haven't gotten to cuddle before my sexuality changed

When I was bullied in school, I was told by my parents, by teachers and school administration, to just ignore them. To just grin and bear it.

So why is it my job to accept their bad behaviour? Why is this supposed to be "normal"?

This thought brought to you by memories of high school: the administrators of mine were firmly convinced that all fighting was equally bad. As the bullied kid, I knew exactly who that policy screwed over.


Openly asking people if they want to fuck and being safe responding openly with yes or with no needs to be more of a thing

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