Gonna revert all the edits on the Human wiki page for conflict of interest

Prometheus didn't get his liver pecked out just for us to eat raw veggies

So WhatsApp be like sure we're E2E encrypted but we are gonna monitor the fuck out of both ends

The shop had a stall bathroom and a urinal. Stall was used so I just used the urinal. Fuck it if someone got weirded out


Demisexual: I wanna be a cumdump but only for this particular person

What's it like being a sheep or cow or something, where you eat the same thing your stand and poop on

Earlier I had to climb two stairs with a mask on and almost fainted. I love this body.

And yeah I kept my mask on until I got outside. I'm not an idiot.

It sucks living in a body where I am scared of my own mind

I can't stand how cows have hooves. I am lack-toes intolerant.

I represented U2 in court for free. I worked pro Bono.

Honestly huge respect to anyone who makes apps because I've done it before and it was such a pain

Judging from my timeline, HRT either kills your sex drive or makes you a complete slut. There is no middle ground.

A huge spider just crawled into my roommate's room so this is the only logical thing to do

Had a dream I was at dinner and I got a dish that was just raw egg in a plate with cinnamon powder.

I have no idea how my brain came up with that abomination.

k8s: app goes down, make new app. make more app so service more good

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