i got clowned on.

cw direct eye contact first thing you see

Recipe: half a lime

Nah I am putting in the entire lime I'm not a wuss

I feel so bad for neurotypicals, they will never understand how neat trains are. So sad. It's like their brains are just wired wrong.

“Am I enby or just an unfeminine girl”, a new podcast featuring myself going in circles about my gender identity

Brain be like “I dunno which task I wanna do first so I am not doing any”

The trams in Halle have this cool old style LED route board

Gonna revert all the edits on the Human wiki page for conflict of interest

Prometheus didn't get his liver pecked out just for us to eat raw veggies

So WhatsApp be like sure we're E2E encrypted but we are gonna monitor the fuck out of both ends

The shop had a stall bathroom and a urinal. Stall was used so I just used the urinal. Fuck it if someone got weirded out

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