Cursed idea: the l(o+)ng datatype, with the number of Os denoting the number of bytes


Trump has a golden toilet. Makes sense he also has a golden shower.

AC power goes in both directions, but DC power only goes to the right

WHY ON EARTH is it "USB 3" but "USB4"??? Be consistent with your spacing, people.

Being trans really made me cynical of politics

Why do we eat bull meat instead of cow

Because otherwise it would be a Miss steak

I just got burned so hard.

"I see you wrote your motivation letter in dutch. It's not great, but it's nice that you tried"

i got clowned on.

cw direct eye contact first thing you see

Recipe: half a lime

Nah I am putting in the entire lime I'm not a wuss

I feel so bad for neurotypicals, they will never understand how neat trains are. So sad. It's like their brains are just wired wrong.

“Am I enby or just an unfeminine girl”, a new podcast featuring myself going in circles about my gender identity

Brain be like “I dunno which task I wanna do first so I am not doing any”

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