Something has gone horribly wrong at package got picked up in the future

"Here are your Tachyons Miss!"
"But I didn't order any Tachyons"
*with a twinkle in their eye* "You will"

I swear Taiwanese Facebook is entirely Taiwanese Nationalists or Chinese psyops

What's with the recent trend of companies raising their prices worldwide, but not the US? A PS5, or an iPhone 14, are now more expensive in Taiwan than in the US, despite Taiwan having half the purchasing power.

Things used to be cheaper in Taiwan to match the purchasing power, but companies stopped doing that. And for them to start differential pricing again but only for the US?

Maximum big brain move omg. I wanted to sell a game for €35, so I posted it on the board for €45 but allowing bids from €30. Someone just bid €35

Humans can make mistakes, but machines can make mistakes at 3 GHz

Charging your personal devices at work is praxis

Well there's your problem. That's one heck of a 16 kHz screech.

lol my company just straight up forgot to pay us today?

I have like three friends I visit in the Netherlands. One in Arnhem, one in Amsterdam, one in Eindhoven


I was confused at my pills saying ZOMG says 20 mg

The Google Duo app now has the Meet logo but is still called Duo, and Meet now looks like the Meet logo in Duo colors. Meet is called Meet (original) and Duo is still called Duo.

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