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I'm glad people like my precious baby <3

; v ; here's a couple more

We actually do a lot of basic research into polyamory and polycule formation and polydynamics, in addition to field anthropology

yes I've seen the damn Onion article, we actually have it pinned to the bulletin board in the break room at the Bureau of Polyamory

90% sure that the Puget Sound region has exactly one polycule.

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The First Product Name You See Is Your 2k19 Sexual Identity

*opens eyes*

oh hello TrashPan

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when your phone turns 90s degrees in your pocket and it is noticeable to other people it is in fact called a phoner

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Just going on record as being Team Hog-Posting.

Explicitly CW that shit, and let's address the absence of other-genitalia-posting, for sure. Things still aren't fair, and that sucks.

But I'd hate to see it all quietly shamed back out of existence.

Bodies are cool.

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