As it was the undisputed winner last year, the Easter Egg Hunt will be organized by @Oneironott this year.

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I wonder if the "eat local foods" community here takes constructive criticism

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Yeah sex is great but have you ever engaged in intercourse

Thanks to #rollerderby everything hurts... everywhere.

I still woke up this morning with a smile on my face thinking:
“This must be what a bottom feels like after three hours of impact play.”

Polyamory is when you're checking out a cute enby on the train while texting your girlfriend, on your way to have a date with a really cute girl who you also want to be your girlfriend.

LB: this is preeeeetttyyy much how i ended up trans

"oh. OHHH. *this* is how sex is supposed to work. nice."

As a lesbian, I have the right to give you this Lesbian Trial Pass, which allows you to spend 2 hours being a lesbian before you decide whether you'd like to subscribe.

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when i was a kid i had the sims, and this being europe it had french and german on the packaging

underneath "the sims" it said "les sims" and "die sims", incidentally these are the two most popular things to do on the sims

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