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when your phone turns 90s degrees in your pocket and it is noticeable to other people it is in fact called a phoner

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Just going on record as being Team Hog-Posting.

Explicitly CW that shit, and let's address the absence of other-genitalia-posting, for sure. Things still aren't fair, and that sucks.

But I'd hate to see it all quietly shamed back out of existence.

Bodies are cool.

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my campaign platform:

- mandatory vibrator ownership
- abolish capitalism
- all high-schoolers given funding and encouragement to spend a semester as a different gender (like study abroad, but, say, studying as a broad)
- trader joes triple ginger snaps in the smol kitty shape

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Boost if you think trans girls deserve head pats and booze and drugs and bondage gear and amazingly cruel dommes and the thickest facials and um I guess also civil rights or whatever but really especially the jizz and head pats.

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