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cars, money 

really need to sit down and figure out what I want to do with the car situation

maintenance on my car is getting to be up in the "car payment" range, and rust is happening

i think this might be my car's last season

do I want to have a car? yes.
do I need to have a car? mmmaybe.
can I deal with car trading right now? idk

Can we talk about convesation pits?

1: prefect for Taurs
2: gods look at all that space
3: please I just want a bed like this, let me nest in a pit please with pillows and blankets. NEST EXTREME
4: ENTER THE PIT to roll dice, smooch dragons and swing swords.

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Good morning #fediverse!
I made a #valentinesday gift for everyone and I really hope you will share it.

Sometimes just a few kind words can make someone's day, and that's really the goal I want to accomplish. Especially for the users out there that might feel a bit small today with all the couples talk out there.

sees a sleepy gamer lesbian couple

which one of you is the pajama bottom and which is the tank top

your children, and your children's children, and their children too shall be vexed by the sand you fooled into servitude!

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... kay so my curiosity is getting the better of me. on average, how much time do you spend listening to music a day? constrained to time spent awake. please boost cuz i'm curious.

The hardest part of my day is explaining capitalism to my cat when he wants to know why I have to stop patting his head and leave the house.

Surely hyenas are odd enough to save the world from a mad AI?
About 2 hours painting, open to constructive criticism.

hrt shitpost 

when you think about it, estrogen tablets are just melon seeds

audiohazard, fractela, food 

he's a smooth marinara
smooooth marinara

preferred pasta sauce:

*upon seeing my slutty friend who's really into math*

ah, it's the thot that counts

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