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and here we are

half past three in the morning

i can't get no sleep

I scream, you scream, we all scream because we're so fucking cute and happy that we can't help but squeal at each other.

Does anyone know people who make custom binders and/or work in leatherwork preferably both?

i was made aware of today

honestly i don't think there's a business out there more strongly targeting my demographics

i also need to figure out how to power this shit. 18 watts per meter at full brightness, so it's... fuck, 144 watts to do the perimeter of the snuggleplex's cuddledome, if i figure 2 meters per side. that's like 30 amps. who the fuck has 30 amps at 5 volts in their bedroom?

(this enby, apparently)

here's what i did today

the goal is to control that string of WS2812B LEDs somehow, using stuff i have on-hand, in my apartment, today

breadboard: power distribution (USB-sourced 5V), logic level shifting (3.3V -> 5.0V)

radio board: bit-banging using GPIO headers (note the little wire tacked on the lower right; that's the 3.3V reference for the level shifter)

USB hub with individual power switches: so i can scram the fucker

so... uh... it... doesn't work... yet.

i'm a masochist so i'm trying to do this without FPGA modifications, and... i don't think i'm gonna be able to :rey_joy::flan_shrug:

i think i'm just gonna go grab one of my arduinos from the hackerspace tomorrow

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request for information: have you changed the name on your (navy) DD 214? how long did it take? did you send your request directly to the BCNR, or did you have to go through BUPERS first?

Let's Talk About Tails!

Okay let's be self indulgent and talk about everyone's favorite caudal appendage! Fluffy? Smooth? Thin? Fat? Prehensile? Just for wagging? De(tails) you wish would be included in art/media etc? Let's discuss! Feel free to reply to people in-thread!

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It's really important to let gender-questioning people know that you can just BE any gender you want, even if you're not particularly dysphoric. As long as you feel it would make you happier, then welcome to the trans party, friendo <3

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looking back over the local mods for the masto fork is always amusing

local flavor: restore some foxes here and there (a655634)

public: replace smashy elephant with embarrased fox (99858f7)

Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Fix n+1 queries in StatusThreadingConcern (tootsuite#7321)"""" (55593f9)

tfw you need to call the FCC somewhat urgently and they are closed and the message directs you to call back during business hours, of which these are


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