Hi. Where can I report a bug in a robot girl's software?

She keeps crashing whenever she sees a cute girl. I think there might be a recursion or infinite loop somewhere in the gay subroutine.

@alimcgowen transfemme here, named after a girl from a Disney film

can confirm 100%

@tyrol saaaame... wouldn't be the first time that's been the case, hehhhhh.......

@tyrol someone else already used that password, you'll have to use a different one

My fursona tastes like orange sherbet.

oh hey it's august 18th. that means it's been a whole year since i released digital narcissist. celebrate with me by streaming the album wherever you like to do so smarturl.it/digitalnarcissist

If you have a sungo-shaped hole in your company, I'm actively looking for a remote gig. My resume is over at https://sungo.wtf/resume.pdf - Boosts very welcome

@ArtistMarciaX it's as if there's a common "we're purer and therefore better than others" thread among all of those


hey so if y'all have seen the post, you'll know that i'm gonna help admin witches.live. i know that the whole situation AND how it was handled with the racial slurs was awful and unacceptable and i want witches.live to do better than that in the future. for now i'll be keeping both this account but maining on radtown @witchy but feel free to contact me on both instances if you have any issues. like anna said i 100% have and will continue to call her on her shit and make this a better place, since a lot of people on here deserve a space where they feel safe and heard and validated.

@uvok it's hardware that sits inline and can do full wire rate without bogging down the host, so it's really good for things like SDR device debugging

and hmmm! Interesting... Never poked one of those

@uvok at my old shop, we had a Beagle analyzer for USB 3.0, and that made things......... a bit easier

What sort of device is this again?

Hey gamers. Is a mineral just a plant that grows really slowly? Make's u think :thinkhappy:

re: musings about being a "gifted kid" 

@monorail me, going to church after not having been to church in a while: "gosh, I'm so spiritually malnourished, I could eat a whole jesus"
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