@sc apparently yeah

only some networks, which is why I kinda wanna set up my own

@sc idk it just worked for me

Haven't been in a "deal with more servers" mode in awhile, but I probably should ^^

@sc you can join IRC channels and a bot joins on your behalf

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@sc idk, haven't gotten that far yet, mostly using it as a mobile interface for IRC :/

@colleen they are pretty fuckin huge

deep too

you drop your phone in there, it's fuckin GONE

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Sp3r4z's stats page also has some stats regarding centralisation:

It lists the Gini index in regards to users on Mastodon instances. The Gini index is used in economics to measure income inequality, where a 0 would be perfect equality and 1 complete inequality (all income in the hands of one person).

The Mastodon federation Gini index in regards to users per instance is 0.96.

"The 3 biggest instances representing 52.26% of total users"


@sc cool

I have Riot installed but I'm not sure it's got *the security*, but Matrix is pretty darn nice in general

@lynnesbian @amic git rebase -i master has become my favorite command

@sean that "oh, we have a logo and it encapsulates us perfectly, nice" feeling 👍👍👍

@sean I kinda like that a lot

perfect logo for a network built by gay witches

@pbandkate being a badass while sitting down >>> being a badass while standing up

like, Claw in Inspector Gadget: badass

@fluffy @hi_cial our building was a square ring of cube farm around a central core of elevators and washrooms and such

in the corners were conference rooms, generally referred to by floor and cardinal direction (e.g. 2-East was nearest my desk)

I used to refer to the men's room as 2-Central

cuz holy hell there were a lot of engineering meetings happening

(this struck me as kinda sexist, but I had a thick shield of internalized transmisia that kept me from being like "you know, this is troublesome" for fear of not appearing manly enough)

today i learned cis men do not actively chat up other cis men at the urinal in every country it might in fact just be america that is like this

@sc Telegram is definitely not secure

beyond some client-related issues, and the fact that it's phone-number-based, Signal has so far not gotten the "don't use this" designation

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