@DJWalnut it's pretty easy to do tbh

humans can repress a HELL of a lot of stuff

girl super power: able to plug phone in before completely bawling my eyes out

keep that battery charged πŸ‘

@sireebob same in macOS as far as i can tell, which is a wicked pisser when tethering

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So I took a script someone else wrote (aaghhh I forget who you were) and modified it so that it can remove people who are following you but that you aren't following


I'm going to update the README soon, etc, but I kinda wanna toss it out here cuz it's neat

@starkatt nods

fortunately, you have an analog coprocessor to handle that, and it is able to send an in-band sync signal to your distributed lighting control system

@starkatt oh damn that's actually better than doing audio beat detection :o


"Partners" are the folks for whom you don't tidy your home before they arrive

@vudw you're totally okay and in the Keep pile fwiw

Mostly just looking to purge my life of things that don't spark joy, or some shit like that

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