A method for using software defined radio to soothe sore feet muscles

listening to the theme song from the Bob Ross programme like a normal, well-adjusted human

When you're at the login screen
And the background is checkered and mean
That's moire

re: Rey installs OpenBSD 

This is my nest. Every morning, I wake up here. Every night, I go to sleep here.

Here's the view from my bed.

I shine brightly.

#ROCtheHug was a fun time! Props to everyone who came out to hang out and hug each other :)

We got like 600 folks, which might be enough for state or national title, but didn't get the 1300 needed for a world record.

Doesn't matter, had hugs!


A video from the Lezbaru. Gonna just hang out here for a few more minutes...

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