me, a couple months ago: i should get a social life

me, yesterday: oh my goddex i literally have waves of cuties arriving, aaaa

me, to cable company troubleshooting robot: "Yeah sure, I'll power-cycle the modem again."

me, to myself: oh hey, while i'm inevitably at the cable store to replace the cable modem when it crashes in an hour or two, i can change the cable legal name on my cable account

my cable modem: sup nerd

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"What are your qualifications with respect to the C Programming Language?"

"This one time when I was on medical leave due to mental health, I had a dream where there was widespread peril and destruction, due to unsafe pistachio dereferencing."

"Welcome to the team."

Car battery was dead, again.

Not any longer.

This is the most woman I've felt in awhile. Time to go smooch a girl.

Went to the New England Aquarium today.

Heck, that was neat. Got to pet a shark for an impressively long time.

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