so uh

basically, a friend went to a bbq joint for lunch on monday, and long story short, my phone ended up suggesting "Solutions" as the word to go after "Gender," cuz of course gender is going to get involved in any discussion between two trans people, so i went with it, and ve responded with...

so guess what i worked on tonight

that's about all i can say about that

secretly, this was a good excuse to play around with jekyll and bang out a bit of creative writing. hoping to use this as a vehicle(*) for future urges of writing.

(*) pronounced 'VEE-hick-uhl' in official NASA pronunciation guide

@rey FINALLY a reliable supplier of gender fluid!

@rey Yay, Jekyll! My go-to tool for static sites lately.

@rey Do you offer a bulk discount on purchases of gender fluid? o-o

@KS still working on getting our full line of gender fluid SKUs online! short answer: yes

@rey that could say gender fluid 1 lad for an extra pun

@rey Adding to the joke:
Beneath the big bottle of "Gender Fluid, 1 gal" is an identical bottle marked "Gender Fluid, 1 guy". :-P

@emanate omfg, done

eventually i'm gonna have to split this up into subpages huh

@rey Trans and solutions?

There is a chemistry joke about solubility and double bonds in here somewhere, I just can't see it.

(Chemists have been using the term trans and cis to describe a the bond geometry of carbon-carbon double bonds for a very long time.)

@Canageek with all due respect, this is very serious website and there's no room for humor here

(but if a chemistry joke precipitates accordingly, i'll take it)

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