@IceWolf Europe has an index of food additives, each of which has an "E Number". MSG's E number is E621. :3

@IceWolf @rey correspondingly, E926 is Chlorine Dioxide, widely used as a bleach and for treating drinking water. e926.net is "bleached" in that it excludes all questionable or explicit content, including questionable or explicit advertising.

@TerrorBite @rey . . . /the numbers mean something???/

we just thought it was random!

@IceWolf @rey I believe e621's name was specifically chosen because the content "brings flavour to your life" or something

@TerrorBite @IceWolf @rey I thought it had something to do with the fan advice for going to a convention (furry or otherwise): get at least 6 solid hours of sleep per night, two substantial meals, and one bath or shower, in order to maintain manageable levels of health and stress and avoid early burnout

@Mycroft @IceWolf @rey I'm not sure which came first, the rule or the site. I feel like the rule was created in reference to the site

@Mycroft @IceWolf @rey oh, if the rule is not furry exclusive then you may be right

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