Hey if you're looking to support The Vulpine Club, we've got a couple ways to do it:

Our expenses are about $85/mo as of last check, and we roughly break even.

Remember, there is NO OBLIGATION to donate! We're a completely free service, supported entirely by a few generous individuals :)

@rey thanks for the reminder. Meant to add this to my patreon spend 😻

@rey I never asked, but what are the shipping options for the fox stickers? Do we get international?

@_sharpLimefox oh gosh, good question!

i'm definitely willing to mail internationally, but right now i don't know where my stickers are stored, so i'm not able to ship any

(also i think i'm low on stickers and need to reorder some)

@rey fair enough :3
Well if you would want to try and ship over to France I'm sure I could make a group order for me and some friends.
Lemme know when you restock on stickers!

@_sharpLimefox i will certainly try to do so, if i remember! (there's going to be A Lot Happening between now and then)

oh wait i have trello for this

okay! i'll let you know!! :)

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