my hobby: hanging out on the federated timeline, rendering aid to folks who are stuck in vim


when in trouble,
when in doubt;

just remember:
escape colon q bang out

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@rey doesn't vim itself tell you this if you try to exit by hitting ctrl-c tho

@rey this is true, probably they should fix that in the next vim release

@00dani @rey Emacs just says things like "^C ^C ^C is undefined". No help at ALL.

@IceWolf @rey god, it still does that if you have evil switched on like i do

why is emacs like this

@IceWolf @rey in fairness, the vanilla emacs splash screen does say "Exit Emacs: C-x C-c" on it, like vim's splash screen?

the doom splash doesn't, but if you're using doom like i am it's probably assumed you already know that particular key sequence :blobcatblep:​

of course that does nothing to help if you accidentally open a file in emacs though, since there's no splash screen and no hint when you mash ctrl+c :blobcattilt:​

@rey It doesn't matter whether you run Emacs of Vim, all will yield to KILL DASH NINE!

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