it's "doing account rejections in the background on /admin/pending_accounts/batch so that it doesn't fucking time out when i have two spammers in the queue" challenge 2k20

who wants to open the issue on github, 'cuz i'm banned from tootsuite/mastodon?

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steps to reproduce:

1) have an undesirable pending account in /admin/pending_accounts
2) reject it
3) wait until the second coming of Christ for it to finish ... whatever it is doing

expected behavior:

3) something more akin to the speed with which it responds when *approving* accounts

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got another spammer here

this is wicked bullshit

*looks at watch impatiently*

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wow i'm even starting to complain in a Boston accent

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*This Old House theme music plays*


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@rey how the heck did you get banned? Did you dare to question the almighty Eugen?

@rey I understood this reference and suddenly the picture of me on the wall looked 30 years older.

@srol everything i know about finish carpentry i learned growing up with norm abram

@rey the shear when you learn the This Old House theme is an instrumental version of Louisiana Fairytale

@masklayer Tom, look at this. See those jiggly pink prisms? Those are spammahs.

@masklayer We gotta go in there with a trowl and scoop 'em outta theah

@firedemon I'd say not to bother unless someone can submit it as a PR upstream... I've a non-v.c instance that I mod as well :<

jumping to conclusions, light profanity 

@flussence @rey i-is gargron seriously outright banning people from interacting with the mastodon github for having the audacity to vocally disagree with him?

god damn it, why is every single AP server app horrible in some fashion

jumping to conclusions, light profanity 

@chirrveon @rey always has been

someone i used to know got banned and had like 20 issues closed in 2018 because they had the _audacity_ to reply to his condescending shittiness with a remark about how they don't get paid enough for this

re: jumping to conclusions, light profanity 

@chirrveon @flussence in fairness, I was a bit of an asshole at times

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