snail race

@rey is it wrong of me to keep refreshing the poll to make sure my boy 7 is still in the lead? i might keep this up all week i wanna know whos gonna win

@rey calling 7 will be first because it is lucky number and 4 will be last because it's the number of DEATH

did you know that while it is common for skyscrapers to skip floor 13 in America because of triskaidekaphobia it's common to skip floor 4 in Japan because the number 4 is pronounced like the word for Death. this trend is almost universal in hospitals and other health related buildings which will also commonly skip rooms numbered 4

yep. you learned something today! yay!

@rey all the other snails should drop out of the race and endorse 6

@rey i posit that snails are good at being slow and thus the slowest is the winner because that is a desirable trait for snails, and that's why it's good my vote is tied for 3rd rn

@rey I wonder if results will follow normal distribution.

@rey at first it looked silly, but it's actually fascinating :amaze:

@rey all the statisticians are screaming about this poll in the comments and im bless

@rey I was not expecting a Gaussian distribution centered around 6

@fluffy @rey I was, because that's what happens all the time when you ask someone to pick a number between 1 and 10 (people kind of never pick the extremities, we are *this* bad at generating random numbers)

@fluffy @rey to be honest, I only expected low choice of the extremeties, so the current distribution did not surprise me, but I didn't know what would be the exact shape.

@fluffy here is another, from here (less funny than a snail race of course)

I don't know if there are more serious studies on the subject.

7 seems special in this one ; don't know why 3 should be? (actually, don't know why 7 would be special either ^^)

@youen @fluffy @rey 7 is many peoples Lucky number. Also looks sharp. :)

@rey this is the most important and on-brand poll of my life

why would anyone choose 6? its not even prime!


@ajz @rey


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