Reminder: October 14th is #CakeForTransFriendsDay! Cisgender people honour us and celebrate us and acknowledge that the world is transphobic by giving their #trans friends cake, ideally homemade but store bought is fine!

Also hi, I’m trans (nonbinary) and queer!


@cassolotl @rey Is this a scam to get cake? Make no mistake. It just being an excuse for cake makes it even cooler.


@sng @cassolotl this is the best trans cabal conspiracy theory

invading restrooms and stealing cakes: it's what we do

@rey @sng Well, I am trans and I am in it for the cake, but also, it all started because I was angry that there's trans day of visibility, trans day of rememberance, all this stuff that is really sad or that trans people do for each other, but NO ONE IS ACKNOWLEDGING how much work we put into just existing or that being trans isn't some kind of curse but makes us amazing actually or that everyone treats us like crap and we deserve better, you know??

@rey @sng So I decided that it was about time that someone... made us some cakes and gave us some cuddles and told us how great we are. Because we are. 👍

@cassolotl @rey Now I have to figure out how to get a friend in another state some cake.

@sng @rey Aww! Maybe there are cupcake delivery services like there are for flowers? :)

@rey @cassolotl @sng untitled goose game except the goose is trans and goes into bathrooms and steals cakes

it's perfect
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