@Ephaemera it's legit... the problematic white dude thus spake and the matter was finally settled and the "politics" suddenly went away

@rey Wait, is RMS like ESR-levels of problematic, or like regular old beardy white guy levels?

@Ephaemera ehhhhh... like... yes in some ways, mostly in a "using a position of power to recklessly undermine diversity and inclusion" way

i don't have the spoons to dig up stuff about this rn, alas

@rey I just had a quick look and saw the whole "Emacs virgin" routine... and the fact that apparently that's a *thing* he does, not a one-off, *and* as often as not refers to Emacs virgins specifically as women... Yeah, that shit's gross and he needs to fucking **not**. An apology would be in order too, but as long as I'm dreaming I'll have a pony :[ Ugh. Sorry =(

@Ephaemera no apology needed <3

idk, some folks just don't apologize, because they're correct

@rey Oh. OH. EW. He needs to get his shit together or just shut up. Damn it.

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