the alternative to YouTube is text

video is one of the most expensive, most privileged, most inaccessible ways of spreading ideas

it has always been a medium where the rich have controlled what the rest of us see

@rey Definitely, although I think comics are another great way of sharing ideas. As Carta Monir often says, comic books are particularly well suited to addressing trans ideas in ways text alone isn't for various reasons.

@rey @lib still, it never have been cheaper to produce and share videos than now and it's one of the most efficient medium for sharing ideas or emotions because it can mix images, sounds and text.

@ronane @lib my cable modem only gives me about 10 Mb/sec upstream (and I'm on the middle-tier plan), which isn't much to work with

@rey I don't says it's the only medium we need. I just says it's one we have, fighting against it seems dumb to me.
Videos don't make text documents irrelevant.

I'm not living in a big city. I can't share videos easily either nor access them in streaming at very good quality. But in my mind, it's still nice it's becoming more and more accessible.

@rey @mcpaccard Disagree. The cost to produce may be higher (though these days would mean a cheap <$100 camera and a free internet connection), but people can naturally express themselves as themselves. Writing is intimidating for many. I've seen storytellers flourish on video that would have never attempted publishing the written word.


the rich control whatever medium they can; text got past them more than others but it had quite a head start, I can't really write off video entirely

I'd love to see YouTube's upper management imprisoned promptly and YouTube taken over as a public utility instead of a money machine for racist white shitbags, though

@rey video has its uses, but we overuse it for things that text + images could have clearly explained with much less effort

@rey Not agreeing.

We have smartphones, now, technology made it far easier to make videos. Knowledge isn't teached in every courses like writing isn't (I speak of writing like how to structurate your thoughts and stuff)

Saying that the alternative to video is text isn't true at all, it's a different medium, different language.

That and this totally ignores illiterate/low literacy folks who can much more easily digest an audio/video medium or speech better than text.

Might be more accessible to producers but audience members operate in a variety of nuanced scenarios that can't be summarized in such broad strokes

@nergalur @rey Yes, the disabilities aren't taken in count.

Plus, text can be a no-go for someone who doesn't have the energy to focus and read whereas video can allow you to get some stuff if it's done correctly (edited, I mean, not just doing a lecture in front of a camera, that's where the language part comes in)

It's accessible in means (or almost, depending on the situation), but not forcefully in knowledge

In my own context text is usually more accessible because of the constraints of listening to audio in public (I don't always want others to hear what I'm seeing or be loud in public). That and I can read fairly well

But I can appreciate where others might be the exact opposite situation

@rey My biggest issue with the proliferation of video-that-should-be-text-files is that text files are way, way easier to search the content of and skip past the "hi guys how are you?" to the one thing I needed to know (which the video probably glossed over)

@fluffy @rey I depend on video for accessibility. Most of the contents of videos Iv watched for information I couldnt have consumed as text b-c it wouldv ran into my limitations to
* pay attn to, focus on, concentrate on text
* sit at the computer for long periods of time
* eye strain
* reflect on someone else's verbalizations & maintain concentration on that for longer periods of time
* attendance to the keyboard, exacerbating repetitive strain

@djenderesensjuelist @rey that’s fair, for instructional and tutorial stuff. But the problem for me is that I need searchable text and YouTube transcripts only do so much (especially when they’re auto generated).

Also I have trouble staying focused on most videos, and I’m usually looking for one specific thing that tends to get buried or elided.

FWIW I have severe RSI-related pain but find that pressing the space bar to scroll down isn’t very strenuous.

@rey and yet it feels like youtube is more popular

@rey god i just. hate that i haven't made any content for a while and part of the reason is because i keep asking myself "wait, should this be a webpage or a youtube video?" and as a result i never get anything done

@rey not to mention i have a really hard time reading webpages (unless i use something like beeline, but that's paid >_>)

That's a nice statement that is pretty easy to reboost, please don't forget the people who can't read, the people too tired to read, the people who have visual memory, the people... Etc. #diversity is key. #accessibility too.

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