countless generations of scientists ascribing beautiful, poetic, and rigorous names to awe-inspiring phenomena

then some folks from Alberta formally discover something and call it “Steve”

@rey #idiocracy scientists used to create new vocab to go with new discoveries

@rey "The phenomenon is not rare, but nobody had looked into it in detail prior to that"
they had their chance, now it's Steve's time to shine!

3000 degree plasma stream though what the what

@LazyTechsupport like, you can still make some mothafuckin science by just being like "what the hell *is* that thing anyway" and nobody has any f'in clue

these are miraculous times

@rey I swear those kind of discoveries about things that were odd but taken for granted end up having the strangest causes and I love it

@rey And people wonder why I want to change my name, when this is how common the short version's become.

@rey Allow me to show you another form of Scientists Being Good At Naming Things:

@rey @_sharpLimefox the best part is that they're part of a group called Aurorasaurus

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