is doing a thing at #HITB.

It's only for: Women, trans-women, trans-men, non-binary if female born

I'm wondering about the "non-binary if female born". Is that a thing to filter on? Any an idea what the rationale is there?

(I'm not objecting to it, but curious as I've never seen it before)

#queer #gender #feminism

@webmind Cis male perspective here, because you can never have enough of those, but it sounds like they're trying to target people who have experienced gender-based oppression.

@freakazoid I think I know what you mean If you refer to people being oppressed because they've been identified female by others.

But non-binaries socialised as male can also get gender-based-oppression based on them being non-binary.

@webmind True; "gender-based" is probably too generic a term. Men who do not sufficiently conform do have to deal with a certain amount of pressure, though I think it's substantially less than what one experiences when being or trying to be perceived as female.


@freakazoid @webmind so, based on that snippet, i would say that I'm excluded? And... idk. I'm not okay with that.

Also "women and trans women" is... eww

@rey @webmind It does seem like they're trying to slice a bit too thin by excluding enbies who were socialized as male. Birth gender doesn't matter, unless you are insufficiently trans? Or maybe they think one is insufficiently female in that case?

I'm going to shut up now because my experience and opinion are completely worthless here.

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@freakazoid there are some folks who are actively in distress and probably not the ones to ask questions of... like, uh, me, the past couple of weeks

then there are those of us who can go on about the genders for hours and hours, if folks want to actively learn more and ask good questions and such (like me, today, apparently :)

i want being trans/non-binary/genderqueer to be *normal*, and part of that is being an ambassador. mutual understanding is Good :)

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