here's what i did today

the goal is to control that string of WS2812B LEDs somehow, using stuff i have on-hand, in my apartment, today

breadboard: power distribution (USB-sourced 5V), logic level shifting (3.3V -> 5.0V)

radio board: bit-banging using GPIO headers (note the little wire tacked on the lower right; that's the 3.3V reference for the level shifter)

USB hub with individual power switches: so i can scram the fucker

so... uh... it... doesn't work... yet.

i'm a masochist so i'm trying to do this without FPGA modifications, and... i don't think i'm gonna be able to :rey_joy::flan_shrug:

i think i'm just gonna go grab one of my arduinos from the hackerspace tomorrow


selfie, action shot Show more

selfie, action shot Show more

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