it is a bit warmer than normal out there, so i cleaned the windshield, replaced the registration sticker, and swapped out some personality stickers

@rey wh-where do those come from

i think my sweet glitchpunk girl needs one to celebrate finishing her linux transition

@alexis the plow-a-transbian and and transistor stickers are from my pile of stickers :)

whatcha want, i can hook you up (or you can wait a bit for 3"x3" vulpines and a size-larger transbian, which i should really order like TODAY so i have them for ANE)

@rey extremely a transistor sticker! i'm fine with whenever, super not trying to be a pest. mainly just i have no idea how to search for that symbol by any other name than "transistor" so i can't just throw it up somewhere or print my own on sticker paper or w/e, so if you can sell me one (or some) i would be super excited to buy one (or some) from you!

@daylight next to the tiger? yeah it's kinda faded, due for replacement with an actual sticker soon :)

see (maintained by

@rey oh cool! i still dont recognize the colors though? is it a pride flag?

@daylight yeah, full rainbow

it's years-old color laser print, shit's faded like fuck

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