New year, new post...

Hi, I'm Rey, a polyamorous, postfurry, queer as fuck, non-binary trans catgirl and nascent fox. I share my path with @ezricatte and @tastymochafox but tbh I'm a slut who dates a whole bunch of people. I'm probably dating you, somewhere in time.

I am an engineer, the sort who makes embedded hardware do cool things. I was the founder and admin of, until my foxgirl transformation was complete at the end of 2018.

I am in Rochester, NY mostly, Boston regularly, Seattle occasionally, and perhaps NYC and Toronto once in awhile.

I am made of love. It's stronger than you. Says so on the label.

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@rey Wouldn't that be "somewhen in time", actually? :P

@Felthry time is itself a multi-dimensional space, and therefore, "somewhere" is appropriate to refer to an unknown intersection within the threadspace

@rey You are a good foxkitty slut 💜

*nuzzles neck, kisses ears, petpetpets.*

You graduated from catmin to foxcatmin? :D

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