Today was a pretty tough day for the admins. Two accounts got banned, and both cases were remarkably difficult situations. We also did a media silence on an instance, and a full suspend on another.

Ordinarily, I'd be expected to say something like "I've got the finest co-admins in the Fediverse" or some shit like that, but I don't. They're both just plain ol' normal folks, and there are thousands of others like them, with jobs and traumas and feelings, and a deeply-rooted desire to make this a better place.

So, here's to the real MVPs: all the admins and mods doing their part to keep the Fediverse together. Thanks, fediversians.


@rey *hugs* thanks for the hard work.

also, which instances and what did they do?

@trashyfins I consent, but @tastymochafox and @mxsparks are the ones who plowed the shit sandwich today

@rey I’m not on your instance, but I appreciate the work you and y’all do

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