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OwO Group LLC issues the following Statement regarding today's Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

Rochester NY & Boston MA -- May 28, 2020 -- Today, OwO Group LLC, parent company of The Vulpine Club, issued the following statement with regards the President of the United States' Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship:


About OwO Group LLC:
OwO Group LLC is a leading provider of social media services to foxes and other creatures.

Rey Tucker


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hi i'm Rey, rhymes with gay

i live in the boiler room, banging on the pipes occasionally and standing watch over the gauges and dials

i live in Rochester, New York, USA

i'm trans, i'm tired, i'm doin' the best i can

i'm also a catfox

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I do my tail toss
Check my claws
Foxy how you feelin'?
Feeling rawr as hell

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my country has turned its back on me, so the trans pride flag is my national flag, and Against Me! / True Trans Soul Rebel is my national anthem

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we will never be erased

we will never be forgotten


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"making the best of every day" is not about the peaks

it's about the valleys

it's resting, it's healing, it's nourishing

it's collecting tomorrow's spoons

Need financial help, please boost! 

Hey there, my boyfriend and I are both unemployed and we aren’t getting much each month. I’m actively looking for a job and it’s a pretty painful process for me.

The end of this month is going to be a bit rough for us, so a little help would go a long way into making sure we can get groceries for the rest of the month and start the next one on a more stable base

here’s my PayPal:
and my ko-fi:

Thanks for your help πŸ’—

Hey! I've been on the fedi a while hopping from distro to distro and this is my new home! Hi! I'm MAE-161 (pronoynced like "Mae") (previously known as L4NN-1312 or Lynn) and I'm a pooltoy cat robot who's really into anarchy, hacker culture, furry stuff, math, and weird music. I'm really gay and trans and my pronouns are in my profile. Feel free to say hi! :anarchy:​ :emacs:​ :robot:​

Jim Stephanie Sterling, eye contact in pic 

I didn't know I needed this today, but I needed this today.

Vaccine news 

Oh and dangerous side effects for all of them appear to be in the "people per million" range, which is considered to be good news.

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Vaccine news 

The big news: Merck has dropped out of the vaccine race, due to disappointing Phase I results. This is why we waited so long to start mass vaccination: To avoid giving people shots that don't work.

The bad news: While the English variation appears to be stopped by the Moderna vaccine just as well as old fashioned coronavirus, it appears to be less effective against the South African strain. HOWEVER, they think it should still be enough to stop it anyway, but Moderna is working on a special booster shot that should top up resistance as a third shot. That should be faster since we've seen the other two through safety tests already.

Now the confusing bit; There are LOTS of countries rolling out vaccine from places that aren't done testing, which is generally regarded as rather irresponsible, and we are HOPING they are gathering data as they go so we can find out how well they work

i have no idea what an ikesai is, and at this point, i'm too afraid to ask

How would you cope if the internet suddenly stopped existing?

Just bought my Winter 2020 T-shirt. Do you have yours?

Hoping that in spring, once it's warmer, the onesie will be available in my size. :flan_thumbs:​

Pro tip: Free HIV Testing: UK 

In the beginning of the pandemic, and first lockdown in the UK, Public Health England declared that we had an unprecedented chance to get HIV under control, with people being in lockdown and not at risk of spreading it.
If people get tested, and they know if they have it we can reduce the spread.

Unless you've not had any sex at all since you last got tested, I'd highly recommend to do it now, before everything goes back to "normal".

You can get tested for free. It's easy to order, comes in a discreet package, and it's fairly easy to get done.

Do read the instructions before starting though, sincerely someone who stabbed their fingers 3 times today.

My pins are here! BTW, a lot of cute stuff from a Black owned business, will def get more stuff from here soon when the USPS isn't a nightmare @.@

mutual aid for my black autistic trans non binary friend, discussions of abuse 

Alright, let’s give this another try, as I know there are still people here on mastodon who have wealth to redistribute.




This is Scotch Woodcock, reporting live from the scene

you know what they say

you can't make Scotch Woodcock without a lot of Gentleman's Relish

i want to go to bed, but the cat is laying on top of the blankets and i'd have to disrupt him

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly is actually pretty good advice.

A bit of light tidying up is better than waiting until one has the energy to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS.

Writing a lousy version of something one doesn't like is better than waiting until one's figured out how to do it well, etc.

on baking 

i'm at the point where i just add flour until the dough feels right, and it's working out pretty great

also my shaping game is improving... i still think i can do better on bagel holes, but my loaf shaping was the best it has been

dough timing was also good... i think i could've gotten more proofing lift by reducing the primary rise time, but fuck it i'm not getting out of bed before 7am on a Sunday

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We are happy to announce a prerelease (aka release candidate, tech preview) of WWIV 5.6 is available
as the stable release of WWIV BBS for Linux and Windows.

WWIV 5.6 is the 6th major release after the long-awaited 5.0 release and in addition to native
WWIVnet support (no more DOS dependencies) on all platforms, supports native Fido Technology
Networking (FTN) Support.

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