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what do they want from us? it can't merely be quarters, can it? what is the purpose of this intersection in time, on a dead-end road in a valley created long ago by the glaciers that once inhabited this land, long before the Seneca settled here, long before the Europeans saw fit to replace them with a car wash and a diner and a 24-hour laundromat

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hi i'm Rey, rhymes with gay

i live in the boiler room, banging on the pipes occasionally and standing watch over the gauges and dials

i live in Rochester, New York, USA

i'm trans, i'm tired, i'm doin' the best i can

i'm also a catfox

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anyone looking for someone to work on EE/FPGA/RF/device driver projects part-time? hit me up, I've got skills and time

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I do my tail toss
Check my claws
Foxy how you feelin'?
Feeling rawr as hell

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my country has turned its back on me, so the trans pride flag is my national flag, and Against Me! / True Trans Soul Rebel is my national anthem

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"making the best of every day" is not about the peaks

it's about the valleys

it's resting, it's healing, it's nourishing

it's collecting tomorrow's spoons

moneybegging, transcrowdfund :trans_heart:​ 

reminder: Quad9 exists

non-profit IBM-adjacent DNS provider with a memorable IP; ( is their "primary" but it has a "security filtering" antifeature that they use as their selling point for users that don't care about other providers being run by Google/CloudFlare)

also supports DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS; I'm currently using Quad9 DoT via stubby

covid-19, what i'm doing to stay healthy (food, cannabis) 

Selfie, eye contact 

have you ever wondered what those 'dx' things are at the end of integrals?

I finally learned what they are and I'd like to write about it on the internet

me circa april 2020, hopping out of my time machine to greet me circa december 2019: β€œif you think time has no meaning now, wait till you see how warped your perception of it becomes in a few months”

covid-19, death meta, comparison 

social media meta poll, boosts welcome 

ever take a moment to think about things, and you get that "holy fuck woah shit what the fuck is even going ON right now, Jesus fucking Christ fucking cheese and crackers" feeling?

Couldn't resist the temptation to add a sound effects track to these kitties... #dit #dah

highly recommend logging off today if you can. Read a book, play a game, put on your favorite tv show.

It’s good to stay engaged, but social media incentivizes us to be masochists about it. The news will be there tomorrow. Take care of yourself.

p.s. if i do boost such forbidden content please lmk and accept my apologies

cuz i do know that i've slipped up a few times

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