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Not sure who needs to hear this 

Just a reminder that with *gestures vaguely at everything* being what it is, absolutely anything you're doing right now to keep going, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem, is an incredible accomplishment and you should feel proud.

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Hi, I'm Steve! I'm a giant, friendly teddy-bear-wolf-thing. I'm a former university prof, currently working as a writer, consultant, and private tutor. I live in the Pittsburgh-area.

When I was in college I started with a comp sci major and minor in math. When I finished 5 years later, I had a math and comp sci double-major, and a philosophy and theatre double-minor. I went to grad school around the time of the dot-com bubble-burst, and got a MSci in comp sci, and got into teaching. 10 years later I went back to school for an MDiv in theology, and ended up going back to teaching comp sci. I'm in my 40's and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I'm married to @artemis, @owashii, and @tabitha, and I'm the luckiest wuff ever because I have the bestest partners ever. =^w^=

I've a wide variety of hobbies and interests, including hardware hacking, video games, hording books and vintage tech, and sewing/costuming. I use Ubuntu, Pop!_OS, Kali, and Windows 11.

:vim: is better than emacs or nano. There, I said it.​

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"Recite to yourself some of the traditional attributes of the word 'spiritual': mythic, magical, ethereal, incorporeal, intangible, nonmaterial, disembodied, ideal, platonic. Is that not the definition of the electronic-digital?" - Timothy Leary, Chaos and Cyber Culture.

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"While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free." - Eugene V. Debs

You take the high road and I'll take the high road
And we'll all arrive at the same time 🎶

re: work, + 

That said, I really need to drum up more business.

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work, + 

Glad I'm getting back into private tutoring. It's considerably less stressful than course-prep, teaching, and grading, and if I do it right, potentially more lucrative.

Tech heads up: Matrix launching an open virtual reality platform
Very early days (it's only a tech preview) and other projects are much farther along for VR-only decentralization. But hosting one's own a unified text/voice/VR platform sounds intriguing, using Matrix.

CC @xipher Since you were potentially eventually interested in Matrix to supplement IRC (once the system administrator/moderator side of things has matured to be less maintenance for tens-low hundreds of users).

What if Link never actually talks in the games because he sounds like Coach Z and he's tired of trying to pronounce "Triforce"?

"Huh a what, week?"
"Captain you're so weird right now."

it's my birthday. if you'd like to help me celebrate, here's what you can do:

* be kind to yourself. this could be buying a lil treat, eating a favorite meal, sleeping in, taking a long bath, embracing your cringe, forgiving yourself for a mistake, whatever

* if you have the resources, support someone or something who needs it, whether that be giving time, money, energy, kind words, whatever you feel able to do. and if you don't feel able to do anything, refer back to the first request


So I'm doing a part-time contract thing providing walk-in tutoring/office hours for students in some honors program at a local university.

My hours are 7pm to 8pm Wednesdays through Saturdays. It looks like this one professor likes to have the assignments due on Saturday at 8pm.

It's been pretty quiet now (3 weeks into offering tutoring, 4 weeks into the semester), but I suspect as the semester progresses, I might regret having that Saturday office hour.

Scene: the living room

Cat: *loafs*
Us: Kitty!
Cat: *stares*
Us: You're a kitty.
Cat: *stares*
Us: You are kitty kitty.
Cat: *slow-blinks*

We have excellent conversations :blobfoxhappy:

Spouse came in with a bag of coffee beans, and said "Sid Hoffroast, or Sid Frenchroast?"

Things like this are why we're married.

Me: You're weird.
Spouse: How am I weird?
Me: Because you married me.
Spouse: Okay, fair.

They called it the Web, or the Net, because it was supposed to connect us all.

But now it's called that because all it does is captures us.

re: alexithymia 

"Still among the living." is a pretty good go-to answer to that question, IMO.

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