HRT, but for becoming an animal person.

It's not a priority compared to a lot of things, but if it happened, I'd jump on that at the first chance.


I wanna boop the snouts of foxes and other cuties~


trans (~) 

@audrey sorry for shitty colouring i did this rly quickly but TRANS CAPPY REAL.......

I'm still 100% sold on a total reproductive strike for people my age and younger until we address climate destabilization. I can't be the only one with parents so ravenous for grandchildren that they would do just about anything.

"Dear Mom and Dad, I will never bring a child into a world that's facing total, global species collapse. Are you going to do something about it?" The options seem pretty clear at that point.

Poetry, death 

Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"


semi-horny, @ reader 

genitals/nudity, fictional transition timeline, GRS 

2018 year in review, uncensored edition:

:loading:​ Everything in the 2018 year in review on birdsite, public account, plus...
👗​ Wore a dress for the first time in more than four years
:fox:​ Met and became GFs with @foxwitch @maritronic9k, Nicki and @girl
:flan_angry:​ Spent too much time waiting on other RL events to get moving
:airhorn:​ Made connections that might actually get somewhere once these slow-ass holidays end
:transgender_flag:​ Started talking to my dad about this stuff again

Come on 2019. Let's go. I wanna move fast.

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