im losing every fucking BONE in my FUCKING BODY OMGGJLSD:DS
sonicfox, a black gay furry, won an award for best esports athlete of the year, went on stream in front of hundreds of thousands of gamers at the game awards and said "i'm super gay" like four times, gave shoutouts to the queer community, shoutouts to furries, and said "im black gay and a furry, basically everything a republican hates"

I just wanna cuddle cuties. Especially fox cuties.

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I just had the idea... What would a genderbread house be like?

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I'm trans, extremely cuddly, and wanting to be extremely cute. Oh, and I'm a fox.

My Twitter is probably more interesting, but it also is in the closet.

I wonder if with all of these new peeps if I should make a new introduction?

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@mutantstd I notice that when you recently added hearts you didn't include :orange_heart: which was added to Unicode last year. Any chance of getting it, or maybe even :white_heart: which might be part of Emoji 12.0 next year?

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