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@audrey sorry for shitty colouring i did this rly quickly but TRANS CAPPY REAL.......

I'm still 100% sold on a total reproductive strike for people my age and younger until we address climate destabilization. I can't be the only one with parents so ravenous for grandchildren that they would do just about anything.

"Dear Mom and Dad, I will never bring a child into a world that's facing total, global species collapse. Are you going to do something about it?" The options seem pretty clear at that point.

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Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"

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2018 year in review, uncensored edition:

:loading:​ Everything in the 2018 year in review on birdsite, public account, plus...
👗​ Wore a dress for the first time in more than four years
:fox:​ Met and became GFs with @foxwitch @maritronic9k, Nicki and @girl
:flan_angry:​ Spent too much time waiting on other RL events to get moving
:airhorn:​ Made connections that might actually get somewhere once these slow-ass holidays end
:transgender_flag:​ Started talking to my dad about this stuff again

Come on 2019. Let's go. I wanna move fast.

so, you like bad boys, huh?

well, i was so bad at being a boy that i became a girl. how 'bout that?

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im losing every fucking BONE in my FUCKING BODY OMGGJLSD:DS
sonicfox, a black gay furry, won an award for best esports athlete of the year, went on stream in front of hundreds of thousands of gamers at the game awards and said "i'm super gay" like four times, gave shoutouts to the queer community, shoutouts to furries, and said "im black gay and a furry, basically everything a republican hates"

I just wanna cuddle cuties. Especially fox cuties.

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I just had the idea... What would a genderbread house be like?

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